Lion Hugh Everest "Sandy" Hill

December 29, 1927 to June 12, 2016In September of 1955 Sandy Hill was accepted as a member of the Lions Club of Lloydminster.  When Sandy was asked why he joined the Club, his answer was “I didn’t have any brothers and the idea of belonging to a Club that was full of brothers had a very nice feel to it and helping my community would be nice”.

Lion Sandy was the Club President in 1961-62 and he has also held a few positions in the Club. Sandy was a jump in and give it all guy.  Just say where and when.The only Lion who could outsell him in anything was Lion Bob Scott. He could talk anyone into buying a Grey Cup pool ticket, a chocolate bunny or an ad for the BBR program.
When Lion Sandy was asked about the Club history he always brought up the building of the Bird Home and the delivery of eyes to the Lions Eye Bank for cornea transplants. Sandy always said the idea of giving someone a new view on life was very humbling.    Lion Sandy was a Melvin Jones Fellow.  Another very humbling experience for him, the highest honor a club can bestow on a member. The positions he held in the Club were never as important as the service.  Lion Sandy was always in support of any project or service that provided help to a person in need.  That need might be a magnifier for someone lacking sight, a donation to the local hospital foundation for the purchase of equipment, airplane tickets or money for parents of a child going far from home for a medical procedure,  a TV for a seniors home, or the building of a home of a friend in need. 
When I asked Sandy what kept him in Lions for 60 years he said it was the fellowship.  He made many long lasting friendships here.  Grace commented that when Sandy comes home from a meeting he almost always said “what a swell bunch of guys”.
Lion Sandy was one of the best in the brotherhood called Lions.  He was wise and compassionate. He had a great sense of humor that always came thru when he told a story. We will miss that quiet chuckle you’d see right before he told the best part of the story. 







​March 6,1952 - Jan 4, 2017

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017 Mr. Gerald "Gerry" Iftody passed away peacefully at the Biggar Union Hospital in Biggar, Saskatchewan at the age of 64 years. Gerry was a well respected and long time employee of the Alberta Treasury Branch.


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