OCTOBER 2016 - Issue #148    Editor: Lion Ben Burroughs



Lion Ed Bellamy


It was really hot on July 21st when five of our members built two ramps; one twelve feet long and the other twenty four feet. They finished on July 22nd by starting at 7:30 AM to beat the heat for a total of 36 manhours. Lions PDG Randy Edwards, Tom Starnick, Eddie Myers, Bruno Stepanski and PDG Marion Schroll worked in three digit heat for a total of 36 man hours. WE SERVE even in hot weather!

Lions Bruno, PDG Randy, Tom Starnick and Eddie Myers. PDG Marion took the picture. Great job Lions!


We had a very good turn-out for our annual pasta dinner this Friday evening. The cooler weather made it a good time for a pasta dinner. We had 29 of our club members at various times helping to make it a great success. Lions Eddie Myers and Tom Bast were our chefs. The meat sauce and marina sauce were made by Lion Tom Bast at his home and garnered rave reviews fron the attendees. It was a busy time, and all the Lions were pleased that our guests enjoyed their dinners. Net income was 18.6 % over last year' dinner. Good job Lions!

Lion Eddie Myers prepares the bread for butter & garlic.

Lions Eddie Myers, Gary Szentmiklosy and Tom Bast start baking.

Lions take a break after setting up the tables.

Lions Ben Burroughs, Bruno Stepanski, Tom Bast, Eddie Myers & Tami Fisher are ready to begin serving up plates.

Our guests enjoy their meal.

Lions Gary Szentmiklosy, Ed Irving, Bob Bishop & Bill Lutz greet guests at the entrance.

Lions Doris Burroughs, Linda Stepnski & Elaine Hoch were part of our serving team.

Lion Al Cremen speaks to some of our guests.

                                  PLAYCARD PARK APRIL 8,2016 CHILDREN'S DAY

There were five of our Lions there at 8:30 AM. Playcard Director, Lion Ben Abercrombie, said they expected four to five hundred students at 9 AM. NMB Lions Dorothy "Leonardo" Bambach, Jack Bambach and PDG George O'Neill were also present. The children, mostly ages four and five, were fasinated by Leonardo's outfit and her teaching of some sign language. PDG George followed that by explaining about the Lions, Helen Keller and the Braille Trail. We feel certain we walked at least 250 students down the trail. We had a little trouble with a few who uncertain which was their right hand. The right hand was to go on the rope and the left hand on the left shoulder of the student in front of them after they pulled the mask over their eyes. It was a great time and the weather cleared to sun and 64 degrees.

PDG George welcomes the first group of children.

Lion Jack and Leonardo begin the sign language.

The children mimic Leonardo's sign language.

The first group of children start down the rope trail.

The next group listens to PDG George after learning some sign language.

After the children walked our trail they were shown a baby alligator and this snake that had just shed its old skin.




At 11:40 AM the children were all served a lunch.

PDG George, Lions Verne and Marion take a break during the children's lunch.

Our signs still look good. some of the kids were intrigued with the Braille letters. They had no idea what Braille was until this visit.

The last group learns some sign language.


We had fourteen members for today's North Myrtle Beach parade and a huge crowd of watchers due to glorious weather and no similar parade in Myrtle Beach this year.As usual, some of us walked along side of our trailer and passed out Tootsie Rolls to the children and more than a few senior citizens. It was a great day with everyone enjoying the weather and applauding us for our community service and contribution to the parade's success.

Lion Linda & President Bruno Stepanski with Lion Al Cremen await the start of the parade.

We had a good group for the parade this year.

We decorated the trailer with shamrocks.

PDG Randy Edward's lion was on the front of Lion Tom Starnick's truck.

Typical picture of the huge crowd at this year's parade. Largest we remember.

Everyone had their green on in one form or another.

Another group of happy watchers.

Many applauded our passing and the children loved the Tootsie Rolls.


Nine of our members joined members of the NMB Lions and the sponsor, American Legion Post 186, walking the full eight miles of North Myrtle Beach ocean front carrying the American Flag, SC flag and the POW/MIA flag. Each team of three walked one half mile and then passed the flags over to the next team. Those on the beach applauded, and some saluted, as the teams walked by.

The link below shows the WW II planes fly-over at the conclusion of the walk




February 20th was our dinner from 4:30 to 7:30 PM at  the LRUMC Life Center on Mineola Avenue. Your editor does not have a confirmed attendance count, but it was around 200 people. Our members and volunteers all received great comments on the food; pasta, salad, italian bread and chocolate desserts. We were also pleased to have members of the North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Lions there to support our event.  We had record ticket sales and our Chairman, Lion Eddie Myers, did a magnificent job. Thanks to all and we look forward to seeing you at our next function in February 2016.

Our Chef, Lion Eddie Myers

Lion Ben Burroughs & PDG Randy Edwards prepare a "to go" order




 Hats off to Pat Jordon & Ann Compton of the LRUMC Woman's group for doing all the dishes.


Lions Tom Starnick, Nick Lopano, Bruno Stepanski, Randy Edwards, Marion Schroll, Randy Gorby, Tom Bast, Larry Braham,  and Gary Szentmiklosy built a ramp on Hwy.50 (Mineola Ave) on May 2nd and 3rd, 2016. The weather was warm, but the ramp was under cover.  

Lions Randy Gorby, Gary  Szentmiklosy, Larry Braham, Bruno Stepanski and Randy Edwards at the finish of the platform by the door.

The crew gets the first plank down on the ramp.

The completed ramp with our logo sign on the railing. Great job Lions!


We had a nice warm day for our Candy Day. Members worked in three shifts to accept donations and pass out Tootsie Pops to those that wanted them. Our members were Lions Nick Lopano, Barbara Nelson, Doris & Ben Burroughs, Randy Edwards, Tom Starnick, Bill Lutz, Al Cremen, Marion & Sandi Schroll, Randy Gorby, Gary Szentmiklosy and Ed Irving. It was about 84 degrees when we finished at 4:00 PM, but we were pleased to have had a sucessful day. Sorry we could not get pictures of all our members.

Lions Al Cremen & Sandi Schroll

Lion Randy Gorby & PDG Marion Schroll

Lion Tom Starnick

PDG Randy Edwards & Lion Nick Lopano

PDG Randy Edwards & Lion Barbara Nelson

Lions Doris Burroughs & Nick Lopano


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God bless you all.

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