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Crab Festival:


The Leonardtown Lions Club proudly presents the

37th Annual St. Mary's County Crab Festival
June 11, 2022 
11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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Good things really do happen – here is definite proof:

Bob Shipley, a heating and air-conditioning contractor from Atlanta Georgia, a good friend of the Leonardtown Lion George Kirby, visited Lions Camp Merrick this past summer. He went along on a follow-up visit with the same group of Leonardtown Lions that had volunteered last spring to help clean up the Camp and prepare it for the summer.

During the visit, Bob learned that 3 of the Camp’s cabins had neither heat nor air-conditioning.  As the day wore on, he became increasingly aware of how important this camp is to certain children’s groups.  That week the camp was housing those children with Type I diabetes, but each year it also supports kids that are blind or deaf.  Bob was so impressed with the quality of the program and the inspired responses made by the young campers and staff personnel to his questions that he decided to donate 3 heat-air systems to increase the camper capacity of the Camp.

The equipment and the installers arrived in early November from Atlanta and the installation was actually completed over a 24 hour period.  A diabetic himself, Bob said that he had witnessed first-hand the "substantial difference" the week-long camping experience had made on the campers with whom he spoke. He stated that the staff and counselors were "most sensitive" and "dedicated" to the needs of the campers.  The campers spoke candidly about their past and present experiences at the Camp, saying that they "felt free to relax and enjoy their week at camp, especially since the adult supervisors were there to make all their dietary decisions.”  One camper went on the say that he hoped someday to become a counselor or staff member himself at the Camp, so that he could help other campers enjoy their week as much as he had enjoyed his time at Camp Merrick.

L-R: Bob Shipley, Camp Director Heidi Fick, Jayson Smith, Mike Shipley (Bob's son) and Lion George Kirby

For more information about Lions Camp Merrick contact Lion George Kirby at 301-475-3188 or Ms. Heidi Fick at or 301-870-5858.



Lion George Kirby is shown presenting a check for $4,000 to Ms. Heidi Fick, Director of the Lions Camp Merrick.  This camp is located near Nanjemoy, on the Potomac River, in Charles County, Maryland.  Lions Camp Merrick, a nonprofit summer camp for blind, deaf and diabetic children, is supported by the Lions Clubs in District 22-C, which includes the counties of Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s, and the District of Columbia.  Mony raised from the Annual St. Mary's Crab Festival, which is administered and presented by the Leonardtown Lions Club, are used to support numerous county and local nonprofit service programs, including Camp Merrick.  For more information on how to, and why you should, become a member of the Leonardtown Lions Club, please contact Lion George at 301-475-3188.

Appreciation Day:

Each year our Club arranges an appreciation event in coordination with St. Mary’s County Government and other local Lions Clubs to show our appreciation for the work that our volunteer fire and EMS people do. We make it our responsibility as the Leonardtown Lions Club, served by them, to provide steamed crabs to these volunteers.

2012: Left to Right; Back Row: Lions 'Rich' Richardson, KL George Kirby, Mike Mummaugh, George Guy, Gil Moore, John Brown; Middle Row: Lions Bob Schaller, Carolyn Weiler, 'Mac' McGuyre; Front Row: Lions Frank Nuhfer, David Guyther and Robin Guyther; Not Pictured: Lion Kennedy Abell.

2009 Left to Right: Lions David Guyther, 'Mac' McGuyre, George Guy, Kevin Mattingly, Howard Norfolk, Gil Moore, Kennedy Abell and Dick Russell. Not pictured: Bob Schaller and Carolyn Weiler.

Blood Program:

Our Club sponsors blood drawings for the American Red Cross to help make sure that when blood is needed, it is there. We take turns with the Lexington Park and Hollywood Lions Clubs, so that means we will perform this function alternately 2 or 3 times each year.

Camp Merrick:

Lions Camp Merrick is located on the Potomac River in Nanjemoy, MD. (Charles County). Our Club supports Camp Merrick financially and we are highly interested in any meetings related to Camp Merrick. The camp is “owned” and run by all of the Lions Clubs in District 22-C.  Camp Merrick is vital in that it supports programs for kids with various disabilities including hearing impaired, vision impaired, diabetics and others.

For information on Camp Merrick please visit their website at

Christmas Club Social:

Our Club’s annual Christmas party for members, spouses, their children and grandchildren. We make sure Santa Clause can attend and we always provide entertainment for the children in the way of holiday music and group singing of Christmas carols. Santa's bag is full and he has a present for every child.

Christmas Caring Program:

Each year, in conjunction with St. Mary’s Ryken High School, the Town Commissioners and others, we collect and distribute Christmas gifts to needy families all over St. Mary’s County. This is a very worthwhile event and certainly, in many cases, these will be the only gifts received by these children. If you’ve never experienced the wonderful and powerful feeling of giving gifts to the needy, then this program is made-to-order for you.

End-of-Summer Club Social:

Our annual Club/Crab Social is usually held at the Sandgates Restaurant in September.  It is always lots of fun and is full of Crabby things. We may bring our spouse, significant other, children, and grandchildren; bring ‘em all! Because of this social, we do not have a regular meeting the month of this event.

Fair Gate:

The members of our Club perform part of our community service for the St. Mary’s County Fair. Every year on Friday during the fair, our Club mans the main Fair gate from open to close.

Program Presentations:

Certain programs or presentations must be made by District officers or relate to other selected Lions projects in order to win our District’s 5-Star award. Our Club expects to meet or exceed all of these requirements. In addition, local persons or organizations of interest are explored and invited to the Club to speak. Presentations are approximately 15 minutes long. Every effort is made to have a guest speaker at all of our meetings, with the exception of our 2 social meetings.

Ray Stone Memorial Award: 

Each year our Club gives up to three cash awards to students in craft/trade apprenticeship programs at the Dr. James A. Forrest Technology Center who are selected for their written responses to questions regarding their career goals, commitment to community service, and achievements. This memorial is dedicated to Ray Stone, a former tradesman and member of our Club who passed away when he was way too young.

The funds may be used for the purchase of tools or equipment for entry into a trade, or for post-secondary technical education costs to a trade, vocational, or technical school. 

Vision and Hearing:

The most important project of our Club is to maintain and coordinate the screenings, testing, etc., collection of eye glasses, ordering and delivering glasses and hearing aids to members of our community, pre-school vision and hearing screenings, etc. This work is the very purpose and foundation on which this Lions Club exists. As one of its goals, our Club tries to meet or exceed the District 22-C 5-star requirements, especially in regard to the LCOF (Lions Community Outreach Foundation). We keep informed of the activities of the LCOF by frequent visits to their website at

White Cane:

On White Cane Day, Lions world-wide help to educate the public about the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired. Therefore, we use this day to accept donations, at collection stations or through fundraisers, which are used to support programs and services for people who are blind or visually impaired as well as for sight conservation.

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