The LaVale Lions Club are actively participating in the eyeglasses, hearing aids, and convalescent medical equipment referral programs.

Call our answerline at



Eyeglass Collection Box Locations:

Country Club Mall - 1262 Vocke RD, LaVale

   One at former Sears Center Court entrance, one near AMC Theatre

My Eye Doctor, 12101 Winchester RD, LaVale

LaVale Pharmacy, 1221 National Highway, LaVale

LaVale Library, 815 National Highway, LaVale

LaVale United Methodist Church, 565 National Highway, LaVale

Christ Lutheran Church, 1222 Vocke RD, LaVale

Park Place United Methodist Church, 80 National Highway, LaVale

Athey's Beauty Salon, 1313 National Highway, LaVale

Western Maryland Regional Medical Center, 12500 Willowbrook RD, Cumberland


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