Lion President Larry Dennison presenting a check for $1500 to Romero for Lakehouse Patio Furniture along with Lori Dupratt.




Lion Chuck DeLasCasas collects for White Cane Day 2018


      LOFS Lions Club/LOFS Fire Force  4th Polar Plunge Photos  2018


LOFS Lions Club/LOFS Fire Force 2nd Polar Plunge Photos  2016


LOFS Fire Force Cuts the Ice

Lion Jason DeLasCasas

Tammy takes her leap


Lion Sarah Gulley Plunges

LOFS Fire Force Standing By

LOFS Fire Fighters Jumping Together


(see Lakes of the Four Seasons Facebook Page for more Photos)


LOFS Lions Holiday Party 2016

Lion Dave and Subliminal Blue


Lions Keith, Sherry and John

Lion Pam

Lions Linda and Wayne

Lions Wayne, Linda.Genny and Charmaine


Lions Pam, Jackie, Jim and Steve

Lions John, Michelle and Rae Marie



LOFS Lions Polar Plunge 2015 Huge Success

   Ten brave souls, six women and four men, jumped in icy water at Sandy Beach on Feb. 7, 2015 at noon.  They were encouraged by their generous sponsors. The money collected exceeded our goal and was donated to the LOFS Fire Force for additional equipment they need.  The LOFS Fire Force worked closely with the Lions to ensure a safe, successful project.

  New member Lion Jason DeLasCasas suggested and chaired this new Fundraiser for the Lions.  We thank the LOFS Fire Force, Community Manager Rick Cleveland, LOFS POA Board and LOFS Maintenance Department for their assistance in the Polar Plunge.  Thank you to Lions Pam and Larry Dennison for donating donuts and Lions Michelle and John Weidenbach for donating coffee and hot chocolate for the attendees.  Last but not least, we thank the Polar Plunge participants and their sponsors.  



                                    LOFS LIONS DONATES HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE DOCK

The Clubhouse Restaurant docks have been completed and can now be used by boaters to more conveniently patronize the restaurant. At this time there are only enough spaces to allow access for five boats. The sixth space will be utilized as a loading and unloading dock for anyone with a handicap or for those who are restricted to a wheelchair. Please be courteous and limit your time on the docks to a couple of hours so your fellow boaters can utilize the space, too. The POA received a generous donation from the LOFS Lions Club to help us make one of the dock spaces handicapped accessible, in keeping with one of their service missions. Also, the LOFS Fundraising Committee made a donation to the POA to help pay for the installation of a sidewalk from the drop-off area to the new docks. The POA extends a huge “Thanks” to both groups. see photo

from the Seaonal May 2010





Collection boxes are located at the following businesses and offices:

  • Lakes of the Four Seasons Clubhouse
  • Winfield Public Library
  • Jerry Ross School
  • Porter Lakes School
  • Wiseway
  • Church of the Four Seasons United Methodist
  • Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church
  • Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
  • Advanced Dental Concepts

Lions Chuck DeLasCasas and Lion Dave Goldman will be collecting glasses from the above boxes.  Please call them at 219-776-3031 if you notice a box that needs to be collected before their regular rounds.  LOFS Lions collected 250 pairs in the past month and 850 pairs in the past year.



The Lakes of the Four Seasons Lions Club collected for White Cane Day last September.  We thank you for your generous support so that we can help the Blind and Visually Impaired.




Jerry Ross School students held a "Penny War" and Winfield School students collected money with a "Drop in the Bucket" project.  The students assisted the LOFS Lions to buy Food Certificates to help the Local Food Pantries.  The students donated over $2000.00.  The Lions want to thank them for their generosity.  We thank their Principals, Jennifer Stolarz (Jerry Ross) and Pat Carnahan (Winfield), for  encouraging their students to participate in this worthy project.  We also want to thank Alpine Water for donating the jugs for the "Penny War" and Centier Bank for counting all those coins. See photo.


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