Club Awards 2016-17

Club President : Lion Yasir Hussain

Best Centennial Award (Environment)

Prompt Payment Award (Before time int'l & District Dues)

Centorian Club Award from Multiple District 305


Club Awards 2015-16

Club President : Lion Javed Islam Qureshi

Best Club of the District

Best President of Multiple District 305

Best President of District

Best Envirnment Project Award (Project Chairperson Lion Naveed Talib)

District Governor's Favourite Lion (Lion Abdul Ghafoor Butt)


Club Awards 2014-15

Club President : Lion Mazhar Ikram

Best Club of the District

Best President of District (Lion Mazhar Ikram)

2nd Best Secretary Award (Lion Yasir Hussain)

Largest Club of Pakistan

Best Project Award (Blood Donation) Chairperson Lion Rashid Mehmood Butt


Club Awards 2013-14

Club President : Lion Ishaq Dar

Growth Award

Eye Camp Award

2nd Best Club Award

Environmental Award

Best Marriage Project Awad

Club Awards 2012-13

Got 4 awards

Top Ten  5th Award

Best Project Award

Membership Growth Award

Membership Growth Award from Multiple


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