Lions club of Jamshedpur centenary believe that, ignorance brings many social problems along with it. If you are ignorance to law you will not know the rights you have by virtue of the constitution of this country. Ignorance to law brings corruption, ignorance to health rights brings health issues, ignorance to education rights brings education related problems, and like this many problems will be solved if people are aware of the rights given to them by law of the land. Our club pledged to spread awareness by conducting workshops and seminars on different topics. Few are mentioned below.

  1. Workshops on environment, example workshop on water conservation.
  2. Workshop on RTI.
  3. Seminar on alternative career for underprivileged students.
  4. Workshop on no tobacco and on drug abuse.
  5. Workshop on human rights.

Club is also planning to start a unique project. Many poor and senior citizens pensioners are harassed by the concerned department, this happens due to their ignorance to their rights given by the law.  

On International day for older persons club is planning to hold a camp in a bank where, senior citizens have their pension accounts, complaints related to their pension accounts will be received and will be taken with concerned department. If legal help required that will also be provided. Project will only be done if banks will allow, talks are underway.

We are regular visitors at Shishu Niketan orphanage where we arrange meals for orphan children on different occasions like on 15th August, children’s day etc, we not only arrange meals for them on these occasions but we also celebrate these occasions with these needy children.

Some other projects

  1. Blanket and clothes distribution
  2. Old books distribution for needy children
  3. Tree plantation
  4. Serving food to needy people in food for hunger program as per international guidelines.

Club is also working on bringing a signature project. The work is in progress and we hope to start our signature project by next eight to ten months time.

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