Our Club's featured service project is the operation of the Jacobus Lions Ambulance Service providing care to over 3500 households in the Jacobus, Loganvlle, Springfield Township, portions of Seven Valleys and York Township, as well as emergency needs on Intersate 83 and other areas.

We also proudly sponsored the

Jacobus Lioness Lions Club


Jacobus Lions Club, Inc. supports a local Peoples Garden
“Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities”

 The Jacobs Lions Club, Inc. started a local community Peoples Garden in 2013 to benefit local communities with local harvests while protecting the soil. The garden is a collaborative effort of members of Jacobus Lions Club, Inc. members and local Boy Scout Matt Nace, along with other businesses donating supplies and gardening expertise. Matt helped in establishing the garden while completing his Eagle Scout project. Ground breaking took place Saturday April 6th. The garden is located at 137 S Main Street, Jacobus, PA 17407 on a land plot donated by Lions Lance and Kim Beard.

 Why is this community Peoples Garden necessary? Gardens promote health and wellness. People who consume more fruits and vegetables improve their heath and help fight diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The harvests will be donated to the Jacobus Food Bank and others in need.

 The Peoples Garden project takes coordination and hands to help grow, harvest and maintain the garden plots. In recent years students and teachers from the Dallastown Middle School have participated numerous times in working the garden.

Contact Lion Terry Brindle should you have questions or would like to help.
717-741-0093 or

​ Caterpillar on dill plantSign built by Scout    Sign built by Scout Matt Nace Multiple Bee Hives



​ 7-14-17 7-14-17    


APRIL 2019:  Our master gardener Terry Brindle says: “Its time to work in the garden.”  The garden was plowed in early April and the fence installed with volunteer help from the Ream family consisting of Brian, Tammy, Adam, and Adam’s daughters, Al Diehl, and Terry Brindle within 2 hours.  Mike Herman delivered new fencing.  Now the deer will just have to walk around the fence.  Late in the month 3 dozen each of Lettuce, Broccoli, and cabbage were planted along with peas, red beets, radish, and flowers for the honey bees to produce sweet honey.  Let’s hope the frost warnings just given for April 28th dose not harm our precious plants.

MAY 2019:    Our master gardener Terry Brindle says: Corn has been planted twice along with Strng Beans.  Thanks to our 8 Lion Volunteers on one afternoon we cultivated the garden and planted Tomatoes, Peppers, Zucchinis, and Cucumber plants all in less than two hours.  Thank you, you know who your are!!  It seems like May was wet, but so far (May 26th) I measured 3.2" of rain.  The garden is ready for plantings of Watermelons and a second planting of Cucumber plants, but we are waiting for June.

On a lighter note: in the past couple of years I have found 3 horse shoes.  Does anybody know someone who has a three legged horse?  THAT WAS A JOKE, PLEASE DON'T CALL ME.  I am howerver, looking for one or more volunteers to bring your string trimmers and trim both inside and outside of the fence, just give me a call, (Terry Brindle).

For the month of May, 8 Lions served 46 hours.

JUNE 2019:  Our master gardener Terry Brindle says: “It’s time to work in the garden.”  Weeding and cultivating have been on-going to stay in front of them.  This month we harvested 60 pounds of Broccoli, Lettuce, Radish, Peas, String Beans, Zucchini, and Cucumbers.  The garden looks pretty good and more vegetables are becoming ready to pick.  Watermelons and Cantaloupes are planted and the Cantaloupes are beginning to form.  Many of them are greater than 1” in diameter already.  The Sweet Corn is waist high and growing nicely. It looks like we will have a great crop.  This past month, we had an abundance of sunshine and just enough rain.

Thank you to the efforts and support from 5 Lions who worked tirelessly for a total of 61 hours. You know who you are! 


Lion Terry Brindle continues to have students and teachers help in the garden,



Lions International Peace Poster & Essay Contest

Lions International Peace Poster & Essay Contest Kits is celebrating its 36th anniversary with the 2023-2024 contest. It was founded in 1988 to offer the opportunity to young people to think about peace, creatively express what it means to them and share their vision with the world though the creation of a poster. Each year, a new theme is assigned to the contest. This year’s theme is “Dare to Dream.” (As quoted on our LCI website, “To a young person, a dream isn’t just a wish, hope or desire-it’s a path, a goal, an ambition. But achieving that dream takes hard work. So this year, we’re asking young people to show how they’ll turn their dream of a peaceful world into a reality.” More than 600,000 children from 75 countries participate in the contest, annually. Lions Clubs sponsor the contest which is open to children ages 11-13 in local schools or organized youth groups, such as Scouts, Church Youth Groups, Homeschool Groups, etc. The contest is a wonderful opportunity for Lions to work with their community to promote peace, tolerance and international understanding. Posters are judged on originality, artistic merit and expression of the theme. Besides presenting a wonderful opportunity for our children, it opens a door to let members of our community learn about the Lions Club and the many services we provide. In addition, Lions International offers a Lions International Peace Essay Contest for visually-impaired students. Information about the Lions International Peace Poster Contest and Essay Contest are available on the LCI website..

AT LEFT: The 2023-2024 Lions International Peace Poster Contest winners on the club level are with the theme, “Dare to Dream,” (L to R) Korra Littleton (Honorable Mention), Ava Grover (3rd Place), Chloe Quickel (2nd Place), Madilyn Mowry (1st Place), and Lion Patti Hullmann (District 14-C Peace Poster Chair)















Children's Patriotic July 4TH Parade


We look forward to seeing you on November 23, 2019 at our Jacobus Ambulance Building , 18 S. Main St., Jacobus, 17407 to see vendor selections and to take a chance on a drawing. Remember to visit the many other events throughout our local communities.

KidsSight Informational Tri-Fold Brochure & KidsSight Jacobus Lions Club Flyer

The 2019 Christmastime in Loganville will be on November 23.


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