Lions clubs collect usable eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and frames. They send collected items to one of our official Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers.

At each official Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (LERC), Lions and other volunteers prepare eyeglasses for distribution. They clean each pair and determine the prescription power of each lens.

Eyeglasses and correspondence may be sent to:

Lions In Sight Warehouse 
1404 Lemon Street
Vallejo, CA  94590

Tel: 707-648-2306
Fax: 707-648-2481                     

Please contact the center prior to sending large shipments of glasses.


Dr. Bill Iannaccone, Past International Director, Chief Operating Officer

Walter Griffin, Warehouse Manager

Lions in Sight has been endorsed by Lions Multiple District 4 since 1991.  Its four Charter Objectives are:

  • To serve as Lions Clubs International eyeglasses collection center for the western United States.
  • To provide clinic trips to developing nations to prescribe recycled eyeglasses to those in need.
  • To provide used eyeglasses on request to Lions clubs worldwide and ensure the eyeglasses are appropriately prescribed and distributed.
  • To expand the capability of Lions in Lions Multiple District 4 to provide free primary eye care to those in need within their districts.

The foundation conducts 12 missions per year, several to Mexico and the rest to other developing nations. Lions in Sight has created several permanent clinics: five in Peru, four in the Republic of Sri Lanka and nine in Mexico. The permanent clinics are run by area Lions. Local doctors volunteer their time and Lions in Sight provides equipment and training to the local members to fit eyeglasses according to the doctor's prescription.

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