IC Lions Raising Money

The annual Corn Roast at the fair is a big event and the number one fundraiser for the Indian Creek Lions.  The members have fun and the people of the community enjoy the delicious taste of locally grown corn.



IC Lions giving to Seniors

One time  a year in October the Lions host a free supper for the Senior Citizens in our community.  It is a time for these folks to get out, get together, and rehash good times.  This is an event appreciated by the Seniors and we get to learn more about our communities history.

IC Lions improving the community

The Park Days that have been sponsored by the Lions have been a great success so far and the park's appearance has improved dramatically. These improvements have not gone unnoticed. There has been an increase in children at the park and requests are now being made to fix the basketball goals on the court.

Update: The goals can now be height adjusted.  If anyone is destroying the goals by slamming hard on a goal or hanging on the goal while raising them up and down please say something.  These can be expensive and time consuming to fix.       We are looking at how we can fix the bent rims.


IC Lions helping students

     Dictionary Giveaway

Beginning last year and continuing this year, our club has started an annual tradition of giving dictionaries to the 3rd grade class of surrounding schools.  We feel that this gives every child a critical tool that they can use for several years as they grow and learn during this important period of time in their lives.


     Student Scholarship

The Indian Creek Lions have been giving a small scholarship for local area students with the intent of covering books and assisting with expenses for the students first semester away from home.








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