Name Year
S Ram Manohar          2018-19
Surendhra J Katgeri           2017-18
Y Venkateshwara Rao        2016-17
B Sudhershan Reddy 2015-16
Y Raja Sekhar Reddy 2014-16
Anil Kumar Varanasi 2013-14
P S Francis Rajan 2012-13

Highlights during 2018-19 Presidential tenure of Ram Manohar Sowbhagy


  • Record no of service activities of 645 ( highest even in club's history ) covering all 5 global causes of Hunger, Diabetes, Childhood Cancer, Vision and Environment and district goals like Adolescent Empowerment Programs
  •  Membership had grown from 41 to 62 ( + 50% positive growth
  •  Highest no of woman members joined ( 8 members )  
  • Highest funds contributed to LCIF ( 3 MJFs ) Highest funds were collected throgh non Lion members including overseas sources.
  • Highest funds were collected throgh non Lion members including overseas sources.
  • As a faculty personally conducted 2nd  highest number of Adolescent Empowerment sessions conducted.  
  • Chartered a new club named as Hyderbad KGR Engg Student Campus Club Started new Leo Club                                                                                               
  • Activities‚ÄčMajor Awards won during 2018-19                                                
  •  Excellent President at Regional and District levels. Excellent Secretary , Best Treasurer were won besides winning highest awards for services at Annual District convention. 
  • As President received Lions 'Hero' Pin & award from MD 320 , presented by PID Sunil Kumar
  • Received Centennial Sevice Challenge pin
  • Lions for Diabetes Awareness Strides Banner Patch received from Lions International.
  • Secured a unique Cash Award by complying with criteria set by  the Area Leader.
  • Won Presidential Club Excellence Award
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