The Importance of Accessibility

This page will provide links to important information to promote the accessibility on online and shared content. This is not a professional overview, there are many guidelines available highlighted in the links below.

 This is a personal plea to those posting content to think of the full range of their readers. I and many other LIONS use assistive technology  to follow local and national activities. Too many times the content presented is not accessible with my screen reader.

This page will offer some definitions and simple suggestions for making web, pdf, and news letters accessible. this comes both from my experience as an AT specialist, and user, and I hope to present some broad yet important information.

Those of us who are blind, have low vision, or have limited hand mobility,  use only the key board commands, (no mouse). Others use dictation software, or voice feed back to support their communication or supplement needs due to learning disabilities.

Some basic steps can help us all!

As many of us our not professional web developers, this is very basic information starting with creating accessible handouts as word or PDF flyers, and offering resources for additional web page development.

One constant concern is the labeling of graphics and photos. At times some files are sent in the format of graphics and are not  readable. A graphic is essentially a picture and can not be deciphered by a screen reader

 , and does not allow for changes in magnification.

Note: You will see unlabeled graphics on the template for this website, as fixed content can not be edited



*I will be adding more narrative and links, so the short list below is just a beginning

Create Accessible PDFs and Remediation


Create accessible PDF from word


TPGi can assist companies with PDF remediation services.

TPGi. TPGi is part of Vispero and can assist companies with PDF remediation services.



Document accessibility

Web Accessibility Resources


The Alt Text Issue


This is a well-thought-out guide to alternative text,


National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education (AccessIT)


Excellent resource page with quick access to specific questions and printable hand outs.


Color contrast analyzer

enables you to optimize your content–including text and visual elements–for individuals with vision disabilities like color-blindness and low-vision impairments.


Wave Web evaluation Accessibility tool

WAVE® is a suite of evaluation tools that helps authors make their web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities. 


6 Accessibility Basics Cause 97% of Errors

  • Low contrast text,
  • Missing alternative text for images,
  • Empty links,
  • Missing form input labels,
  • Empty buttons,
  • Missing document language.














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