Officers and Membership Information

2022-2023 Club Officers:
President Lou Giardina 352-538-7492
Vice President David Malstrom   443-845-8068
Immediate Past President Leslie Flage 352-339-2830
Secretary Linda Malstrom 443-845-8063
Treasurer  Dan Mauldin 904-580-1462
Membership Chair Jerry Bowen 720-281-3279
Lion Tamer Daniel Higgins 352-415-5900
Tail Twister Michele Trentini 931-787-7481
Director 2 yr  Barb Kowats 352-672-0365
Director 1 yr Tyler O'Neail 352-231-6432
Eye Glass Chair Mark Moomaw 352-871-5297
Activities Director Lanier Smith 352-317-5767

2020 - 2021 Club Officers

President: Lou Giardina

VP:            David Malstrom

Treasurer: Marsha Fogg

Secretary: Linda Malstrom

Membership Chair: Marc Severance

Lion Tamer: Richard Porter

Tail Twister: Terry O'Neail

Director 2 year: Bob Holland

Director 1 year: Leslie Flage (Admin)

Eye glass chair: John Sullivan

2018-2019 Club Officers:

President LANIER SMITH 352-317-5767
Vice President BOB HOLLAND  
Treasurer  LESLIE ANNE FLAGE 352-339-2830
Membership Chair LOU GIARDINA  
Tail Twister MARK MOOMAW  
Director 2 yr  BOB WATSON 352-262-5068
Director 1 yr KELLY DEESE 386-454-4550
Eye Glass Chair JOHN SULLIVAN 386-454-3019

2015 - 2016 Club Officers:

President Charles Skinner 863-412-4193
Vice President Steve Eldgredge 352-455-4999
Immediate Past President Leslie Anne Flage 352-339-2830
Secretary Kelly Deese 386-454-4550
Treasurer Leslie Anne Flage  352-339-2830
Membership Chair    
Lion Tamer Robert Holland​ 386-496-8065
Tail Twister    
Board Member Terry O'Neail 352-316-8134
Board Member    

 2014 to 2015 Club Officers:

President Leslie Anne Flage 352-339-2830
Vice President Charles Skinner 863-412-4193
2nd Vice President Lanier Smith 352-317-5767
Immediate Past President Margie Barkman 352-231-0851
Secretary Tyler O'Neail 352-231-6432
Treasurer Leslie Anne Flage 352-339-2830
Membership Chair Melissa Dukes 386-315-2397
Lion Tamer Steve Eldgredge 352-455-4999
Tail Twister Don "Popeye" Orgovan 626-390-5675
Board Member Bob Holland 352-258-9147
Board Member Brian Barkman 352-231-0851

2013 to 2014 Club Officers:

President:  Margie Barkman 352-231-0851
Vice President Terry Oneail 352-538-0362
Treasurer Leslie Flage 352-339-2830
Secretary Terry Phelan 386-454-5142
Tail Twister Steve Eldrege  
Lion Tamer Moe Erikson  
Membership Chair Karen Hollingsworth  
Board Member Brian Barkman 352-231-0851
Board Member Randy Hodge  


2012 to 2013 Club Officers:

President:  Margie Barkman 352-231-0851
Vice President Lanier Smith 352-317-5767
Treasurer Leslie Flage 352-339-2830
Secretary Leslie Flage 352-339-2830
Tail Twister Bob Holland 386-454-4521
Lion Tamer Terry Oneail 352-538-0362
Membership Chair Tyler Oneail 386-454-4521
Board Member Brian Barkman 352-231-0851
Membership Board Betsy Smith 386-454-4521

Past Presidents:

John Sullivan 2011-2012
Brian Barkman 2010-2011


Membership Information:

The HSLC is a family friendly, community service oriented non-profit organization, open Monday through Saturday at 4 p.m.  They are a local chapter of Lions Clubs International whose membership extends to over 46,000 clubs in over 200 countries worldwide.  An active group of altruistic, philanthropic individuals and businesses, the men and women of the Lions Clubs recognize needs of others that go beyond their own to give and help those in need.

Membership in Lions Clubs International is by invitation only, from the member or members of the local Lions club.  Like minded individuals and businesses are encouraged to become Lions and join our family.

To start the membership process, a candidate should:

  1. Visit the HSLC facilities during open hours (most any day after 4:00 p.m.).  Get involved in volunteer opportunities or enjoy the comfort of the clubhouse. There are monthly business meetings as well as weekly special events such as Friday Night Karaoke.  (see Calendar).
  2. While visiting the club, talk to any Lion about what it means to be a Lion.  There are many activites to enjoy, fund raisers that support our chartities, and volunteering opportunities.
  3. Find a Lion to sponsor your membership.
  4. Fill out the application and turn in to Lion Lou Giardina (our member chair) with your registration fee.  At the next board meeting (first Monday of the month), your application will be reviewed and you will be interviewed by the board members.  A motion will then be made to either accept or deny your appilication.
  5. When the board accepts new members, they and their sponsor(s) will go through an induction ceremony held at the next Monday night social (last Monday of the month).  The day of AND before the induction ceremony begins, your dues are required to be paid.

Membership Fees:

$35.00 one time registration fee
$50.00 bi-annual dues (billed December and June)


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