Hampshire Veteran’s Memorial

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Memorial is located at Seyller (East Park), on East Jefferson St.


You can purchase a paver to honor a veteran


For more information regarding paver sales, contact a Hampshire Lion, or Roger Paddock at


  Does the person that I want to honor have to be a veteran of Hampshire?

    Anyone can purchase a paver to honor a veteran, regardless of where they were from or     where they currently reside.

  Does the person that I want to memorialize have to be a veteran?

    Pavers can be purchased for a veteran, in memory of a loved one who was not a veteran,         a person or family that supports veterans or even businesses.

  Are there any wall stones available?

    No. Only pavers are available.  Pavers go on the ground and come in many sizes.

  How much information can I put on a paver?

    Pavers vary by size up to 6 rows of 26 characters each.  It is important to figure out what      you want on the paver before determining the size of paver to purchase.

  Do periods count as a space?


  Can I put more than 1 name on a paver?

    Yes.  There are many pavers that are family pavers or lists the family name with just first      names listed.

  Are icons available?

    Yes.  If you decide to add an icon to your paver, you must allow the appropriate number        of space as well as rows. 

  Does the icon go on the left or right side?

    That is a personal preference.  There are some with them before the name or after and       some with one on each side.

  Can I create my own logo?

    You can if you can submit a PDF which is acceptable to the engraver.  There is an additional       fee to set it up.  Detailed images can be troublesome for the engraver.


Lions:  -Paver Sales Instructions


Instructions for completing the engraving sheet


    1)  Go to the memorial.  See what others have done; get an idea of the sizes of the pavers and             icons available.

    2)  Make multiple copies of the Engraving Sheet and practice in pencil.

    3)  On the top of the Engraving Sheet, list the name as it will appear on the paver.                    i.e. John Smith or John “Papa” Smith or Smith Family Veterans.

    4)  Write the name of the purchaser or person that would be contacted if there are any                 questions.  Please indicate their email address.  If any email is not available, please list             their phone number.

    5)  If you want a paver, decide if you want the 5” tall (4 lines) or the 8” tall (6 lines) paver.  If the         4 lines are acceptable you can work in the top section of the Engraving Sheet indicated as         A – D.  If you need 6 lines, go to the middle section E – G.  Indicate which paver you would         like, by writing the appropriate letter in the upper left box for PAVER.  The corresponding         letter can be found on the price sheet.

    6)  Decide if you want an icon.

    7)  Decide if you want the icon before or after the name.  Determine how much space you will             need for the icon.  The icon sheet will indicate how many spaces and lines.  Mark the             appropriate size box off to allow for the icon either before or after the name (starting             from the outside margins). Indicate the code of the icon in the icon box.

    8)  Once you are ready to start completing the name and information, start from the left and             work your way to the right (if you have chosen an icon on the left, start in the box next to         the end of the icon).  Don’t worry, the engravers will center the letters.

        Place only 1 character in each box.  Regardless of how small you can write, the engraver             cannot shrink their letters!!

    9)  Once you have worked out what you want on the paver (on average about 6 attempts), then         sign and submit.

    10) Once we have submitted all the engraving sheets to the engraver, they will provide us with         proofs for review.  If you have provided us with an email     address, we will email to you a             copy of the proof to sign off on or make changes.


Lions:  -Paver Sales Instructions

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