Hagersville District Lions Club held its charter night in 1962. That makes the club 52 years young! The sponsoring club was Jarvis. One of the first activities that the club organized was the Dominion Day celebrations (now known as Canada Day). We have held very successful golf tournaments in the 1980's and 90's. and have been involved in the Purina Walk for Guide Dogs for the last number of years, which has been very successful in raising funds for guide dogs for the blind, and now, diabetic as well.

Since those days many programs have been supported both locally and nation wide. Large and small projects have been undertaken, most notably the conversion of the old glove factory to a library, the construction of an outdoor pool, tennis courts and skate park. The club has had many members over all those years, some have stayed for a short time while others have turned it into their lifes' work. membership ahs fluxuated from as low as 10 members to into the 30's. Currently we have 18 active members and we are experiencing some growth at this time. The Hagersville Lions have been a part of the fabric of this community since 1962 and we are proud to say: "WE SERVE"


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