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Projects Benefit our Community

100% of funds raised and collected from the public are returned to the community in the form of projects, programs and donations.

Vision Screening of Preschool and Elementary School-age Children - We use the plusoptiX S12 mobile vision screener to detect abnormalities in the eyes of young children. Club members visit schools in our area and assist Lions clubs in Tucson in conducting these screenings. Parents of children receiving a “Refer” result are informed and advised to get a professional examination. Please e-mail us at for information about scheduling screenings.

ALERT Satellite Eyeglass Recycling Center - We collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids for recycling using our donation boxes located throughout the community. Members read lens prescriptions and prepare glasses for distribution in Mexico and other poorer countries around the world. To see locations where DONATION BOXES are located, click HERE.

Nogales Children's Clothing Project - Children shop for clothing and shoes during this annual event held in early December. A toy and free meal are provided to each child afterward. 

Flags for First Graders - Flags for First Graders is an MD 21 Project that provides a forum for discussing the history of our flag and highlights patriotism. It’s an annual event for La Canoa Lions to visit first grade classrooms in our area to distribute United States flags, usually around Presidents’ Day. Each child receives a brochure with the flag. We start by asking questions about the flag, such as how many stripes, how many red, how many white, and how many stars on the flag?  The children will have learned a great deal in their classes already and love to show off what they know--so we give them a chance!  Using the brochure, we go on to demonstrate how to treat the flag and how to find the star representing Arizona. We show them where on the brochure to find the location of other states' stars. We end our visit by saying the Pledge of Allegiance together.  

Dictionaries for Third Graders - Distributing dictionaries to third graders in several of our area schools is an annual event at the beginning of the school year. Since the dictionaries are for the children to keep, we have each child put his/her name in the book. We talk briefly about what they can find in a dictionary, then write a word on the blackboard for them to find in their dictionaries. We show them how to do this by using their knowledge of the alphabet.The first person who finds the word gets to read the definition. Sometimes we will use the word in a sentence. The children are encouraged to suggest words too, and sometimes the teachers have words in mind. We look up 2-3 words together. The children send us letters of thanks for their dictionaries.

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