Lions Club Great Bear was charted in St. Petersburg in 2003. At present there are 20 members in our club. We work out 8 programmes. Among them are programmes on help for force services veterans families of force services officials killed while on duty. There are also programmes on swimming, boxing and agility ( ) development in St.Petersburg, programmes dealing with children's homes and families having many or disabled children. St.Petersburg Administration and Lions Club Great Bear have a joint programme on establishing of rehabilitation centres in all parts of the city. The programmes are directed at solving the problems connected with rise in living standards of social-unprotected people, with creating of proper conditions for development of young sportsmen and real help for poor families in buying sport clothes and equipment. There are also programmes directed at social rehabilitation and integration of disabled children, at search for and introduction of up-to-date technologies connected with correction and development of handicapped children by means of art. The goal is to provide their creativity development The programmes imply different meetings and parties, charitable actions, seminars, exhibitions of disabled children's works. Invalids and military men undergoing a course of medical treatment are given food sets, clothes and medical supplies. Different concerts and sightseeing excursions are organized for them. Lions Club Great Bear takes an active part in work dealing with cadets from St.Petersburg military schools. For example, there was a "STEADFAST STANNIC SOLDIER" rewarding of the best cadets in 2003. The military attache of the Netherlands visited the ceremony. He presented an annual scholarship to those cadets. At present our Lions Club faces some urgent problems. It is necessary to buy computers for disabled children of COMMUNITY and for other youth centres in St.Petersburg to make their work more efficient and to put into practice Lions Club programmes. There are more than 150 children in the centre COMMUNITY who stand in need of wheelchairs, special desks and beds. With respect and hope for durable cooperation,

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