1.  Flag Day Commemoration:   Representatives from our club obtain permission and go to local elementary schools to show students our country's current and historical flags.  We discuss historical events that led up to the creation and display of various flags.  Question and answer period follows.

2.  Student Speaker Contest - Our club obtains lists from the local high schools of students interested in competing in the contest.  Commitments are obtained from the students and the first round of the contest will be held at the LOVE building at Condon Park on January 18, 2017 at 6 pm.

3.  Donate trees to the Nevada County Fairgrounds:  2017 - If the drought ends to a point where fairground personnel can water new trees, our club will donate trees of various size and species to be planted by fairground personnel in the RV parking area west of gate 5.

4.  LOVE Building Upgrades: The LOVE Building remodel is completed.  The remodel included improvements to the lighting, HVAC, electrical, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, doors, and deck replacement.  Gold Country Community Services, Inc. will manage the use of the building.  Our Club will continue to have dinner meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month and board meetings on the first Thursday of each month.  The City of Grass Valley built a new parking lot at the rear of the LOVE building and recently removed dozens of dying Ponderosa Pine trees. The LOVE building was constructed in 1982 by the Grass Valley Host Lions club with many community donations of materials and labor.  The Lions club turned the building over to the City of Grass Valley with a right of use agreement. 

5.  Pet Food Pantry:  2016 - Our club supports the pet food pantry financially throughout the year.  The pet food pantry is an additional feature that provides pet food for clients in the meals on wheels program operated by the Gold Country Community Services in Grass Valley, CA.  As a fundraiser for this financial support, our club hosted the second annual Pet Food Pantry Golf Tournament (with slight rain) at Nevada County Country Club in Grass Valley on May 7, 2016.

6.  Our club sponsored a grade level reading challenge at Union Hill School for grades 1 through 6.  The teachers of each grade set a goal as a number of books to be read by each grade within the challenge period. The challenge was held from February 29 until March 17, 2016.  At a school awards assembly on March 18th, we awarded one kindle to grades 1, 2, 3 and 5 which all reached and surpassed their goals.  Each student selected a book in their reading level and then after reading their book, they each took a quiz.  Upon passing the quiz with an 80% or better score, their book was counted toward the goal number.   Several other local Lions Clubs sponsored other schools' reading contests this year also.

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