Lion Mike  held a planning meeting prior to starting his term as Club President in 2006. One of Lion Mike’s goals was to start a new service project for the Club. At that time Lion Edith  was volunteering at theHomeless Connection. She knew they allowed groups to serve an evening meal. Lion Edith contacted the Volunteer Coordinator at the shelter to verify if the Grand Chute Lions would be able to  participate. It just happened that the group which served meals on the 4th Tuesday of the month was no longer able to serve meals. Lion Edith proposed the project at a business meeting in June. After discussion it was decided to participate on a 6 month trial period. Lion Edith informed the Club that she would not be able to help in July. Lion Sharon  stepped forward to supervise the Lions who served the meal. The service project was a success and the Lions enjoyed working together to help others less fortunate. Lion Sharon said that was when she really became a Lion. TheHomeless Connection service project brought home the meaning of “We Serve".

At the beginning, our Club would just reheat meals that had been prepared by Shelter staff the night before. Members began bringing desserts and salads. Lion Edith challenged the Club to do more in October. She asked the Club to provide budget to allow her to purchase meat and potatoes for future meals. The Club approved the request. Lion Edith calculated that 30 pounds of potatoes would be needed for an evening meal. Fresh mashed potatoes were a real treat for resident and staff. Meatballs (20 pounds of hamburger), turkey (60 pounds) and ham (50 pounds) were added to the list of food prepared for meals.

Preparing  turkey and mashed potatoes for evening meal

In July of 2007 the Club increased the budget to allow for purchase of vegetables and fruit along with the meat and potatoes.

In 2007 Christmas fell on the 4th Tuesday when the Grand Chute Lions were scheduled to serve a meal. Lions Sharon and Edith wondered if any of the Lions crew would be willing to help. Much to their surprise, 11 Club members and 10 of their family members arrived to spend Christmas evening at the Shelter. These 21 volunteers helped serve a meal of lasagna to 25 residents.

From July 2006 to June 2018 club members have volunteered approximately 4,000 hours to serve 5,300 meals to staff and residents.

The Pillars Adult & Family Shelter project has been a great opportunity for members to experience our Lions motto “We Serve”.



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