District Governors from Globe Lions Club

      George R. Rawlins  1929-30         Van Bergen            1993-94             

      Creed Troutman      1945-46         Guy Anderson        1996-97

      Clyde Elrod              1953-54         Ernie Soto              2001-02

      Louis S. Rayes        1957-58         Donna Anderson    2003-04

      Paul Sawaia            1966-67       Bobbie Ravenkamp  2017-18


Engraved on the club's bell:

Past Presidents

                             Geo. H. Rawlings         Feb 11 to June 30, 1928

                             Orr Woodburn              1928-1929

                             Anthony Maurel            1929-1930

                             Walter G. Scott             1930-1931

                             George A. Vance          1931-1932

                             Charles J. Alden            1932-1933

                                                  Reverse side of bell:

                                                          Stolen by

                                                 Safford Lions Club

                                             Globe’s 25th Anniversary

                                                      April 5, 1968

The First Globe Lions Club – 1928-1933

The Globe Lions Club, which this year [1968] is celebrating its Twenty-fifth Anniversary, is another of many Arizona institutions which can be compared to the Phoenix --- that miraculous bird which, after being consumed by fire, rises in youthful freshness from its own ashes.  The Globe Club of today rises on the ashes of a previous Globe Club that flourished in the boom years of the late 20’s and was consumed by the Depression of the early 30’s.  But in 1943 there arose from the ashes in youthful freshness a new Lions Club.

The old Globe Lions Club received its charter in January 1928, at a banquet held at the Southern Pacific Restaurant.  George B. Anderson, Assistant to Secretary Melvin Jones, and Paul Bosworth of Albuquerque, Deputy District Governor, presented the charter.

The Charter President was George Rawlins, Globe Attorney, who is in a few short years advanced in Lionism and was the First Arizonan to be elected to an international post, that of Member of the Executive Council of the Board of Governors.  Lion Creed Troutman was Third Vice-President and is still an active member of the present club.

The first District 21 State Convention was hosted by the Globe Club in 1929, having previously been joined with New Mexico.  The convention was held at the Dominion Hotel, YWCA, and the Cobre Valley Country Club.

The old Globe Lions Club was a very active club during its existence.  Some of their projects were:  aided city officials in getting a civic center; aid the local baseball team; joined another service club in establishing an airport; worked to secure a bridge; sponsorship of Miss Arizona of 1930; support of an Apache boy taking an art course; sponsorship of unemployment relief plan; cooperated with Legion in charity drives; aided in forming County Welfare Board; Get Out to Vote Campaign; aid to Spanish War Veterans Encampment; and purchased brooms from Lions Blind Broom Factory in Tucson.

The year of 1933 was a very dark year for the Globe Club.  This was the darkest year of the depression when banks were closing in every state, unemployment at its peak, business at a standstill and Globe’s main industry, the Old Dominion Mine was shut down.  The old Club faded away, its Charter given up, and Lionism started a 10 year nap in Globe, to be awakened again in 1943.

                                  By Al Wilke

                       Past District Governor (1930-31) (story written in 1968)


Front Page article in the Arizona Record on Friday, April 30, 1943 –

“Globe Lions Club Formed; Troutman President


A Lions Club with 22 charter members was organized at the Dominion Hotel on Tuesday evening under the direction of C. F. Manion, special representative of Lions International.  The new club will meet every Thursday noon at the hotel.

Creed Troutman was elected as the first president.  Other officers chosen were as follows:  Milton I. Evans, first vice-president; George A. Banks, second vice-president; Wm. A. Manning, secretary-treasurer; Marcus Goldberg, lion tamer; E. T. Usher, tail twister; Wm. H. Richardson, W. A. Snead, Milton S. Ray, F. Earl Hamer, directors.

This is the second Lions Club to be organized in Globe.  The first club had a large membership, but disbanded about 1930.  There is a Lions Club in Miami.  The Globe club will be affiliated with the 11th district, composed of Arizona clubs.

The complete membership is as follows:  George A. Banks, Dr. Adrian E. Clark, C. M. Compton, Alva J. Davenport, Joe S. Dork, Herbert A. Dunkles, Milton L. Evans, Marcus Goldberg, W. Carl Hall, F. E. Hamer, Wm. E. Hash, J. R. Heron, Joseph F. H………, Joseph F. Kentmoore, James B. Malott, Jr., Wm. S. Manning,   Hubert C. Mills, Frank G. Oliverius. Milton S. Ray, W. H. Richardson, Stanley Shaw, Herman H. Smith, J. C. Smith, Marvin H. Smith, W. A. Sneed, Creed Troutman, E. T. Usher, Jr., T. H. Woods, Clyde A. Elrod.”


Notable reporting errors:  Gave up charter first charter in 1933 and affiliated with district 21.

(Additional readable signatures on the Charter:  J. F. McComack, Walter A. Patridge, Norman Clements, William A. Fritz, W. A. Hixon plus two unreadable signature (badly faded).)



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