‚ÄčMay 2, 2017

After enjoying a lunch of Tossed Salad with choice of Dressings, Chicken Parmesan Sandwich on perfectly toasted buns, Roasted Cauliflower and Cake with Strawberries provided by GoinPlaces Catering the 33-Lions Club members in attendance settled in for a very important Business meeting.

The first Tuesday of each month is our time to gather together to discuss important business matters that effect our club, hear from each of our committees and set our sights on the future.

Today’s meeting focused on many prominent issues that included dues, community projects and recruitment.

Thank You to Lion Frank Stocker who is the month of May’s Program Chairman, he has set up a Great line-up for our Programs of the Day.

May 9th – Ron Minch from Auditory Care with “What Do You Hear?”

May 16th – Our Lions Club Sight & Sound with Show and Tell presented by Lions Club Members

May 23rd – Reg Green with “The Gift of Dogs”

May 30th – Chad Sparks with Advantages of Pre-Planning.

May 1, 2017

Reminder: Tomorrow May 2nd; Gibson City Lions Club meeting will be a business meeting. It is Strongly encouraged that any Lion that can attend Please do so. Some very important matters will be discussed that effect all Gibson City Lions Club members.

GoinPlaces Catering will be serving Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, Roasted Cauliflower, Tossed Salad, and Cake w/Strawberries


The Easter Bunny contacted me this morning with a Very Special update and asked me to share the news:

The Easter Egg Hunt winners names are:
Zoe Ernst- 10-12
Ruby Pollard- 7-9
Olivia May- 4-6
Sadie Provin- 0-3

Congratulations to not only the Winners but ALL the children who participated and to all of the Lions Club Members and other volunteers that work hard to continue this wonderful tradition.

April 26, 2017

Our Gibson City Lions Club had a Special Treat Tuesday April 26th; holding our weekly meeting at the Gibson City Firehouse. GoinPlaces Catering served a spectacular lunch of Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Cole Slaw, Refrigerator Pickles, Succotash and Congo Bars.

Lions Club President Miranda Leonard started our meeting with a reminder that Tuesday May 2nd will be a business meeting which will be followed by Lions Club Candy Day on May 5th and 6th; we were then tur...ned over to Lion Schultz for the introduction of our Program of the Day.

Lion Jeff Eckhoff and Pat Celeski conducted a very informational Program of the Day introducing us to our Firehouse, the history of Gibson City Fire Protection, the volunteers that protect and serve us in a time of need and the equipment needed and used to do their jobs.

Our current volunteers consist of 27-well trained members of our community. The Gibson City Firehouse completed construction at its new location in 2010; our new firehouse and trucks will be 100% paid off in 2017. Our volunteers are called out on average 50-70 times a year with vehicle extractions making the largest need followed up by field fires.

DuPont in Gibson City makes a huge and beneficial impact not only in the safety of our volunteers but those that are assisted by donating a portion of the Volunteers turn-out gear. Each turn-out gear for our volunteers to suit up is at a cost of $2,700.00 each. Community involvement and a fantastic City Board that see and understand the importance of an up-to-date equipped firehouse and well trained Volunteers is why we have one of the best. The equipment and the trucks do not come cheap with trucks ranging in price of $450,00 - $600,00 for Straight Engine Trucks and the $1.4 million needed for Ladder Trucks, However the peace of mind and safety for the Citizens of Gibson City and surrounding communities is Priceless.

April 18, 2017

Tuesday April 18th the Gibson City Lions Club met for not only a Very Interesting Program of the Day but another Fantastic Lunch by GoinPlaces Catering. After enjoying a lunch of homemade Chicken and Dumplings and glazed carrots and our Invocation by Lion Chaplain Tennyson we were introduced to a special Guest; Kayla Guge who we hope will be joining us often.

Next, we were introduced to Gary Lutterbie by Lion Schultz. Gary gave a very informational Prog...ram of the Day about the Gibson City Fishing Pond.

The Gibson City Fishing Pond or Jordan Pond and Park is located just west of Gibson City along Rt. 9. The four-acre pond is 6-feet in depth and stocked with Large Mouth Bass, Black Crappie, Channel Cat and Sunfish as well as smaller feeder fish. On Opening Day May 15th, 2016 Youth Fishing Derby organized by the Pheasants Forever Young Guns group kicked off Opening Day in grand manor with 80-90 kids enjoying the 1st Fishing Derby. A big Thank You goes out to Gibson Area Hospital for Funding the Derby and the donations that stocked the pond.

Still in its infancy nearing the one year anniversary many more updates are planned for the improvement of the area. In addition to the planting of trees, plans are in the works for a Wet Prairie, Pollinator Prairie and with the help of Lion Roger Cramer owner of Ropps Flower Factory Inc. a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary will be included with the planting of Milkweed plants in the “Saving the Monarch” program. A Thank You to Lion Dan Kerfott for signs and Jacob Brewer for the building the information booth, picnic tables and benches as part of his Eagle Scout certification.

Jordan Pond and Park is open to the public. An Illinois State Fishing License is required to fish, Catch and Release is strongly encouraged. The date of the 2017 Kids Fishing Derby is approaching, volunteers are needed. If you would like to volunteer please contact Gary Lutterbie at 217-784-5647.

April 11, 2017

Tuesday April 11th our Gibson City Lions club enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Meatloaf, Parsley Potatoes, Green Beans, Dinner Rolls and Peach Upside Down Cake provided by GoinPlaces Catering.

Following Lunch our own Lions club member; Lion Tom Bennett, State Representative in Springfield gave a very informational break down on what is going on in Springfield including discussion on our current lack of a state budget.

Tuesday April 18th meeting will have us enjoying Chicken & Dumplings, Marinated Carrots, Mixed Vegetables and Jello Salad. Our Program of the day will be Gary Lutterbie with a Gibson City Fishing pond update.

REMINDER: There will be a Lions Club Board Members meeting on Tuesday April 18th at 10:45 am followed by a regular meeting of the Lions Club.

Tuesday April 25th meeting will be held at the Gibson City Fire Station with our Program of the Day being presented to us by Lion Jeff Eckhoff and Pat Celeski. This will include our regular Lunch by GoinPlaces Catering as well as a tour of our Fire Station. We have been asked that parking to be on the west side of the fire station away from the building in case of a fire call.


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