Would you like to help Lions with our projects?


25 members cannot possibly do all that we do, without bringing in helpers.

We have a category called, "Friends of Lions."

How about helping us out with a food drive?

Or a yard community sale?

Would you be willing to photograph or video some of our Lion events?

Would you like to be trained to use the digital eye scanner with which we will be testing the vision of every child in Hill, Franklin, Tilton, Northfield and Sanbornton from preschool through age 6?

Likewise, we will be testing the hearing acuity of every child in the same age. The test is so simple even you could do it!

Consider spending a few hours at the National Guard Armory in late November, putting together care packages for our servicemen overseas to open on Christmas Day. 

Give us a hand with our "Reading with a Lion" program. We need readers for the After school programs, Peabody Nursing home, Franklin Regional Hospital and the Veterans Home.


Man, I'm getting tired just writing all this down!  

But wait, there is more, much more. 

We need carpenters and engineers to build us a Lions Club float for the Franklin Community Day.


We need Lions Alert members to become Ham Radio operators, to direct traffic at public events,  to post house numbers, to teach emergency preparedness in the classrooms. 

We need a Boy Scout and Girl Scout liaison.

Are there any knitters out there? We are knitting purple hats for newborns as part of the Never Shake a Baby project.

And then, we are hoping a "sewing fairy" will come along and help us create vests for our young people in the Leos organization.

We need somebody who used to be in a bugle corps to be our Lions Corps leader for the Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen. 

Anyone make yummy treats to sell at Odell Park After Dark at our kiosk odonate to the Opera House events.

The list goes on and on.

Call Myla Everett at (603) 496-0190 if you would like to be busy and happy and make friends!

Be a "Friend of Lions."





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