Major Projects of the Club

Senior Housing

This new 1.27 million project was opened as of November, 2008.  The 12 apartment complex took over four years to complete.  It serves as a source of low-income senior housing for the community.

Levi Coffin Days Festival

Our single largest fund raiser and possible the largest for our community, Levi Coffin Days is held the third weekend in September.  This is our 45th year.  New signs were added in 2008.  Over 10.000 come to our community on Saturday and Sunday.  This also serves as a souce of revenue for other area non-profits in the area.

Christmas Lights for our Town

All new electrical outlets were installed in 2008.  The club is raising funds in 2011 to refurbish the lights and purchase new ones to hang along US27 and Main Street to contribute to the holiday spirit of the town.

Memorial Day Service

In keeping with Lion's club objectives, veterans are honored at a specal service in Willow  Grove Cemetery on Memorial Day each year.  Friends and community members are asked to speak about  the love of country and remember those who have served our nation.

Flags on the Streets

The Lions purchase flags each year to hang from Momorial Day to Veterans Day along the streets of Fountain City.  They are funded from Lions projects as a gift to the town and community.

Fruit Sales at Christmas

The annual orange and grapefruit sales at the holdays is our second lagest fund raiser each year.  Shipped in from Texas, the fruit sales supplements income for our charitable efforts.

Renting of our Floats

We rent our floats to others as a source of income so that we can help the community better.

Easter Egg Hunt

Each year, children of our community are invited to an Easter Egg Hunt held in the twon park.  Members fill eggs with candy and money for all the children to enjoy.

Putting Up Coffin Signs

Each year the club proudly hangs Levi Coffin Days Sings along US27 and Main Street to let everyone know about the event.

Renting of the Lions Den

As another way to make money we rent out our lions den for partys and other events.  This helps us help the community in which we live and work.





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