ON 12th DECEMBER 2018





Present at Meeting:

President: Margaret Purcell

Members: Val Barton, Denis Bowker, Stuart Gratrix, Pamela Hamilton, Margaret Harris, David Howie, Susan Howie, Paul Keirby, Ann McLoughlin, Fred Riley, Mary Ann Woodman, Jim Woods



Apologies for Absence: Ian Clare, Peter Davies, Donald Macdonald, Rachel Smith, Barbara Woodman



Prior to the start of the Meeting there was a Minutes Silence to remember three fellow Lions

recently passed to Higher Service: Keith Harrison, PDG Norman Boyd MJF and Bob Graham



The President, Lion Margaret Purcell then opened the Meeting and welcomed all the Members




Minutes The Members confirmed that they had all received a copy of the

Minutes of the previous Meeting.

Proposed by: Margaret Harris

Seconded by: Val Barton

Approved by all



President’s Report: Margaret Purcell

President Margaret told the Meeting about the following events she had attended during the month:

15th November Attended Beach Clean with Lions Fred, Dave and Stuart. The Council are planning on putting another Station nearer to the Marine Hall to cut down on the walk

19th November Attended Zone Meeting in Kirkham presided over by Zone Chairman Mary Ann Woodman. Lions Stuart, Denis, Jim and Val also attended. Members booked into Kirkham Lions Charter to be held in January

29th November Prepared Christmas Hampers with Lion Val – aided by Gin and Lemon!!

4th December Dressed Christmas Tree with Lion Fred. No Gin and Lemon!

11th December Attended with Lion Fred at Methodist Church to put up the Christmas tree


President Margaret told the Meeting that she had received a lovely letter and card from Fylde

Coast Women’s Aid thanking the Club for the £250 recently donated. The letter and card

were handed round for Members to read

The President had recently received an e.mail from Fleetwood Civic Society stating they had

funding from Fleetwood Council to enable the Fleetwood Day to go ahead in 2019

She had also received an e.mail with information regarding registering for “Give as you Live”.

She will get in touch with Lion Peter about this and arrange for the Club to be registered so it

can take part

Finally the President said that she looked forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas Party at

the Regal Hotel next week


Secretary’s Report: Denis Bowker

Lion Denis told the Meeting about the DG’s Newsletter with the Club featured

He mentioned the Weekly Digests with appeal for Banner for the Club

Lion Denis also told the Club that following a private donation made to the Club with Nada’s Anniversary in mind he had bought a new President’s Chain of Office complete with Logo etc.

Finally Lion Denis said that the Club had received a Banner Award for increasing membership 2017/2018.

He then mentioned a few matters still pending:

Invitation to Kirkham Lions Charter

3 emails re new District 105CN GDPR/invite to Llandudno Charter/Communication

Convention Booking forms

Delegate and Alternate form for MD Convention in Swansea


Activities Report Val Barton

Lion Val told the Meeting that the Christmas Hampers had all been handed out ready for the various Raffles which had been arranged for the following week. She also mentioned the Christmas Tree which had been decorated and was on display at the Methodist Church Fleetwood. She hoped as many Members as possible would go and see it. She thanked Brian who made the tree, and all those who helped to decorate it. She also informed the Meeting that there would be an Activities Meeting early in the New Year.


LCIF Ian Clare

In his absence Lion Ian had e.mailed his Report – which was read out by President Margaret:

Lion Ian had received an e.mail from LCIF re: Campaign 100. The LCIF Chairman challenged all Lions to donate $100 to LCIF “in order that the Foundation is able to Serve more people re all humanitarian grounds not just natural disasters”.

Lion Ian was of the opinion Lions in the Far East and India were more likely to accept this challenge rather than those in the UK. If any Member does wish to donate to LCIF as an individual person they may do so. He recommended that donations were sent to LCIF via the Club.



Welfare Report Margaret Harris

Lion Margaret reminded the Members about the possibility of having a Diabetes Awareness Day in the New Year. She also informed the Meeting about Doreen Wallwork a Fleetwood resident who was suffering from depression and feeling rather lonely, as her family lived in the south. Lion Margaret had visited with Lion Pamela. They told Doreen that they had arranged for her to go to Manor Beach School on the 18th December for the Christmas party and dinner. Doreen was really pleased to be asked and wanted her thanks be passed on to the Club

Almoner’s Report Paul Keirby

Lion Paul told the Meeting about two Members still “off sick”.

l. Ian Clare continues to progress and looks really well, but he was still having problems with his feet.

2. Barbara Woodman. Barbara had recently been in and out of hospital, and still not up to having visitors. Paul said he will visit in the New Year when she is ready, but Barbara is hoping to come to the Christmas party on the 19th December.

Social Report Ann McLoughlin

Lion Ann told the Meeting that she and Pamela had met up to discuss forthcoming Socials. There are a few in the pipeline:

Thursday 24th January Farmer Parrs – awaiting Menu and cost

Thursday 21st February Murder Mystery at Methodist Church Cleveleys

Hot Pot Supper - (To Die For!!!) – Cost £8 – please bring to January Business Meeting if wishing to go – chance to guess “Who Dun It”!!!

Wednesday 27th March Tiffins at Marsh Mill – Small meal with Speaker (TBA)

Wednesday 1st May Songs from the Shows at Thornton Little Theatre

Members will be notified if there is any change to the above


Publicity Stuart Gratrix

Lion Stuart mentioned the DG’s Newsletter – four photos. Said there had been publicity in other magazines and President Margaret’s photograph was in the Wyre Matters (December edition) in relation to the Beach Clean

Membership Peter Davies

In the absence of Lion Peter there was nothing to report

Youth Peter Davies

In the absence of Lion Peter there was nothing to report


Talking Newspaper Date of next meeting: 7th January 2019

Tail Twister Fred Riley

Collected from Members who had “sinned”


Raffle Margaret Harris


60s Club Two draws for December

(a) Peter Davies

(b) Brian Purcell

(c) Cyril Layland

(d) James E Woods


Diary Dates


19th December Christmas Dinner at The Regal Hotel, Cleveleys


9th January Business Meeting

19th January Kirkham Charter

24th January Social – Farmer Parrs Fleetwood

13th February Business Meeting

23rd February Llandudno Charter

4/5th May MD Convention


Stuart Gratrix Thanked those Members for filling the “Supper Socks”

Mary Ann Woodman DBS Meeting postponed till New Year

Jim Woods Mentioned the passing of Lion Keith Harrison. Lion Jim had sent a card on behalf of the Club

Fred Riley Asked Members for help transporting the bottles of wine to the Regal Hotel for the Christmas party raffle on the 19th December


Pamela Hamilton ) Said Lion Ian Clare was hoping to help with their Christmas

Denis Bowker ) Hamper Raffles at Wetherspoons and River Wyre respectively

Nothing to Report from the remaining Members present at the Meeting


Toast to Lions Clubs International


Close of Business: 8.50 p.m.






Fleetwood & Cleveleys Lions

Christmas Tree on display at

Fleetwood Methodist Church


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