Car Show Winners 2018

AUGUST 25, 2018
Award Category Vehicle Model OWNER
1) PRE WORLD WAR II 1931 Dodge DG8 Craig Tilson
2) BEST OF THE 1940’S 1949 Kaiser Special Paul Boehm
3) Best of the 1950’s 1957 Chevy Nova Ken Wilcox
4) Best of the 1960’s 1964 Chevy Chevelle Bob Deville
5) Best of the 1970’s 1970 Caddy Tom Babie
6) Best of the 1980’s 1986 Pontiac Fiero Nichole Hassell /Matthew Knight
7) 25 Year & Newer (Stock) 2016 Subaru WRX CVT Andrew Hoffman
8) 25 Year & Newer (Modified) 2005 Chev SSR Jim Dodson
9) Best Graphics 1956 Chevy SD Jim Wilson
10)Coolest Finish 1929 Ford Model A Jerry Holmes
11)Hottest Flames 1957 Chevy Pick-up Dennis Williams
12)Dazzling Display 1955 Bel Air Stan & Pam Pauley
13)Best Interior 1957 Ford Skyliner Joel Holland
14)Best Car Top 1959 Skyliner Bob & Jim Jordan
15)Best Convertible 1969 Chevy Camaro RS Jim Ross
16)Best Muscle Car 1966 Ford Mustang Randall Boeth
17)Extreme Power 1934 Ford Larry Moe
18)Best Hot Rod 1929 Ford Model A Joe Strom
19)Coolest Wheels 1988 Mazda RX 7 Convertible Jeffrey Moog
20)Restoration In Progress 1971 AMC Javelin Las Wojtek
21)Mechanic’s Delight 1947 Ford Coup Larry Stokes
22)Daily Driver 1979 El Camino Bill Snyder
23)Best Service Vehicle 1930 Ford Truck John Butt
24)Best Factory Original 1961 Corvair John Bailey
25)Best of 1959 Pick-ups 1957 Chevy Pick Up Ron Rolfoness
26)Best 1960 Pick-Up 2011 Toyota Tacoma Ron Fox
27)Best 4X4 19611 Willys Pick Up Ron Patton
28)Best European 1954 MG TF Bill Dwyer
29)Best Asian 1006 Honda S2000 Marcie Williams
30)Best Motorcycle Harley Benny Flores
31)D’Elegance Award 1953 Chevy Bel Air John Halberg
32)Best Roadster 1929 Model A Pick Up Greg Lust
33) The Commons Choice 1966 Mustang Willy King
34)Columbia Bank Choice 1986 AMG m1026 Chris Brown
35)Lions Award 1957 Chevy Bel Air Bill Smith
36)Top Cop Choice 1938 Olds E Series Tim Burrell
37)Mayor’s Award 1956 T Bird Ronald Perrone
38)Judge’s Verdict Kia Optima Warren Isselis
39)Veteran’s Choice 1973 Oldsmobile Omega Sam Rise
40)Teenager’s Choice 1953 Ford Coup Chris Small
41)Ladies choice 1956 Ford Victoria Fairlane Omer Kay Jacobson
42)People’s Choice 1938 Olds E Series Tlm Burrell
43)Senior s Choice 1933 Pontiac 3 Window William Giliam
44) BEST OF SHOW 1938 Olds E Series Tim Burrell



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