Student of the Month


Each month a student from both St. Sebastian and Bellmar Middle School is selected to receive our Student of the Month award.  These are outstanding students are recognized for their character, leadership, and citizenship qualities as well as their grades.  Every three months we invite our winners to our awards dinner-meeting where each student receives a certificate and a $25 gift card to WalMart. We congratulate all of them and wish them continued success and hope to see them as young LEO's in the near future.


Student of the Month 2011-2012

 Bellmar Middle School


September - Hannah Day

November - Sierra Lynn

December - Haley Gray

January - Zachary Gray

February - Tyler Seliga

Chariman - George Molesky



September - Hannah Day (not in picture)

October - Grace Lopez

November - Sierra Lynn (not in picture)

Chariman - George Molesky



St. Sebastian


December - Justin Ciepiela

January - Gianni Mandarino

February - Kyle D'Alessio

Chairman - Mark Ramsier



September - Bailey Miller

October - Cateri Christinis

November- Olivia Stawovy

Chairman - Mark Ramsier





Students of the Month from 2010-2011

 Bellmar Middle School


March - Jesse Hartman

April - Lincoln Mimidis

May - Hanna Debone (not in picture)

Chariman - George Molesky



St. Sebastian

March - Travis Nobili

April - Loukas Feher

May - Annya Kossol

Chairman - Mark Ramsier



 Bellmar Middle School


December- Logan Booher

January- Joseph Carter

February- Miranda Filak

Chariman - George Molesky



St. Sebastian

December - Megan Shearson

January- Nolan Kosh

February- Seth Sapko

Chairman - Mark Ramsier


Bellmar Middle School


September - Aubrey Cintron

October - Larissa Fordyce

November - Jessica Moody

Chariman - George Molesky



St. Sebastian

September - Caroline Jeffries

October - James Erdely

November - Brittany Stawovy

Chairman - Mark Ramsier




  • We believe the children of our community should be made aware of the dangers of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol so we sponsor the D.A.R.E. program at our Marion Elementary School.


  • Each year a poster contest is held in the 4th and 5th grades with the winners being recognized at our annual awards banquet and presented with a certificate and check.


  • Education is also an important part of our children’s life.  Each year we recognize and honor the top student in our community.  This student is invited to our annual awards banquet where they are presented with a $1000 scholarship.


2011 Scholarship Dinner




Kelsey Zborovancik

Chairman - Mark Ramsier




4th Grade - Josh Hoffman

5th Grad - Kensey Johnston

Chairman - Robert Bergamasco

This year, 5th grade winner Kensey Johnston also won 1st place at the District level.

Congratulations to all this years winners!

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