The Farmville Lions Club raises funds to support local, state and international causes with the focus on eyesight and hearing.

  • We collect and recycle used eyeglasses.
  • We contribute to the Old Dominion Eye Bank which provides human eye tissue for corneal transplants and eye research.
  • We help the Lions provide the Leader Dogs for the sight impaired. 
  • We help support the facilities for the blind at the Burkeville Lodge. 
  • Through Lions International we help in the construction of eye clinics and hospitals. 
  • We support the work of the Lions of Virginia Hearing Foundation and Research Center at the University Hospital Center in Charlottesville. Major research efforts center around improving the cochlear implant and hair cell regeneration. There is presently a major fund raising project being conducted to improve funding for this center. 
  • We provide eyeglasses and hearing aids to the needy in Farmville, Prince Edward and Cumberland counties. 
  • We received a core 4 grant from Lions Clubs International to build "Barrier Free" homes for the disabled, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. This project has been completed. 
  • Locally, we make contributions to Area 12 Special Olympics, Farmville Area Community Emergency Services, Farmville-Prince Edward Youth Association, Farmville-Prince Edward Library, Prince Edward Rescue Squad, Habitat for Humanity, Seven Farmville-Area Fire Departments, Southside Center For Violence Prevention, and numerous other organizations.

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