Lions District 4C1 of Lions Mutliple District 4

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Located in Zone One, North Region, District 4C1 (1957 to Present)

3rd Oldest Still Active Club in District 4C1

Sponsored by the Yreka (Host) Lions Club  (1925 to Present)

Sponsoring Club of the Still Active Fort Jones Lions Club (2001) and Scott Valley Lions Club (2004)



District Leadership 2023-2024

Lion Elisa Coyle, District Governor/ MD4 Council Secretary 

Lion Don Daniels, 1st Vice District Governor

Lion PDG Amanda Daniels, Imediedate Past District Governor/ District Leadership Team Coordinator 

Lion Melanie Hunter, District Secretary/ District Leo/Convention Chairperson 

Lion PDG Sue Kerr, District Treasurer/ District Disaster Committee Chair

Lion Mike Ferrier, District Chaplain/ District Logistics Guru  

Lion PDG Steve Robeson, District Guest/ District Awards Chair/ / District Health Foundation President

Lion PCC Karen Crook, District Global Extension Team Coordinator/ District Administrator 

Lion Joe Moore, District Membership Team Coordinator

Lion Celestina Travers, District Service Team Coordinator 

Lion Mary Smith, District Spirit Enhancer

Lion Kimberly Miller, District Diabetes Chairperson 

Lion Chris Bohn, District Peace Poster/ Essay Contest Chairperson

Lion Niki Manning, District Student Speakers Contest Chairperson

Lion Roger Plato, District Pull Tab Chairperson

Lion JonMichael Patterson, District Public Relations & Lions Information/ Communications Chairperson/ District Humanitarian Foundation President

Lion Helen Garr, District Vision Chairperson

Lion PDG Jamie Hart, LCIF District Coordinator 


North Region

(Region Chair Lion Jack Jones of the Etna Club)

Zone 1 (Zone Chair Lion JonMichael Patterson of the Yreka Host Club)

Yreka Host Lions 

Etna Lions 

Fort Jones Lions 

Etna-Scott Valey Lioness/ Lions

Zone 2 (Vacant)

Alturas Lions 

Burney Lions 

Fall River Mils Lions 


Central Region  

(Region Chair Lion Charlie Osuna of the Redding Host/ Northern CA Cyber Lions Branch Clubs)

Zone 1 (Zone Chair Lion Kathy Farneti-Stephens of the Weaverville Club)

Zone 2 (Zone Chair Lion John Rowell of the Redding Breakfast Club)

​Zone 3 (Zone Chair Lion Chris Bohn of the Redding Host Club)


South Region (Chair- Vacant)

Zone 1 (Chair- Vacant)

​​ Zone 2 (Chair- Vacant)

​​Zone 3 (Zone Chair Lion Linda Presley of the Gridley Club)

Zone 4 (Zone Chair Lion Billy McNeal of the Loma Rica Foothill Club)


Lions District 4C1 Humanitarian Foundation 

Humanitarian Foundation.jpg

(Logo Image hyperlinked to Foundation Website)

Lions District 4C1 Health Foundation 

Health Foundation.jpg

(Logo Image hyperlinked to Foundation Website)



District Roles Held by Etna Lions 

 2004-2005, District 4C1 Cabinet Treasurer Lion Corky Gussman


North Region Chair of the Lions District 4C1;

2023-2024, Lion Jack Jones 

Shasta Region Chair of the Lions District 4C1;

2003-2004, Lion Chris "Corky" Gussman 

Zone One Chair of the North Region of the Lions District 4C1;

2022-2023, Lion Jack Jones 

North Zone Chair of the Shasta Region of the Lions District 4C1;

2021-2022, Lion James "Jim" Hendricks

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