Etna Lions Club 

Zone 1, North Region, District 4C1, Multiple District 4 (MD4)(California), Lions Clubs International 

Serving Our Community Officially since April 29th, 1935. 

Sponsored by the Yreka Lions Club (Now Yreka Host Lions Club) 

3rd Oldest Still Actively Serving Club in the Lions District 4C1


A Little About Ourselves:

For over 85 years the club has brought the words and missions of Lions Clubs International to the small community of Etna thats seated in the tranquil landscape of the secluded Scott Valley in Siskiyou County. We have been champions of vision care and assistance since Helen Keller herself challenged Lions many years ago. 

We have also been there to assist in ways to combat Diabetes and support those affected by the disease.

We also have two other Pillars in Lions overall that have been adopted in the last several years, those are combating hunger and Environmental Protection. We as a club are seated in the amazing creation that is Siskiyou County, a area rich in environmental diversity and the perfect area for projects under that umbrella. We also are in an area where hunger is at an all time high and we support those who fight hat hunger everyday. 


Where those are our Pillars of Service overall we also do, as every club does, our own unqiue projects and events custom to what our people need. 


We hope you will join us in this ever evolving journey and our missions and help us continue to serve the community. We have been around exactly 87 years and we want to be around for many many more years. But we cannot do that without the help of the community and its residents. So if you want to be a member, a supporter, partner or volunteer we will take all the help we can get. 

Recognition from Lions: 

(Always Growing Section):

LCI Club Excellence Award, 2022-2023 

Lions Eye Foundation of CA/Nevada, 50 Year Member, 1973 - 2023

North Region Top Club 4th Place Award,  2022-2023 

Shasta Region Top Club 4th Place Award,  2021-2022 

Shasta Region Top Club 2nd Place Award, 2020-2021

Lions 75 Year Club, 2010

Melvin Jones Fellow Banner Patch Chevron, 2008

Melvin Jones Fellow Banner Patch Chevron, 2006

Sponsors of the Etna- Scott Valley Lioness Lions Clubs, 2004 - Present 

Sponsors of the Fort Jones Lions, 2001 - Present 

Melvin Jones Fellow Banner Patch Chevron, 2000

Melvin Jones Fellow Banner Patch Chevron, 1998

Melvin Jones Fellow Banner Patch- First Time, 1996

Club Certification of Appreciation, 1994

Club Certification of Appreciation, 1993 

Lions 50 Year Club, 1985

Lions 25 Year Club, 1960


Recognition from Outside the Local Community

Bronze Level Winners Circle Donor to the Special Olympics, 2022-2023

Recognition from the Local Community

(Always Growing Section):

2022 North Siskiyou Chamber of Commerce Community Champions Scott Valley Non-Profit of the Year Award Nominee and Winner

Home Club of 2022 North Siskiyou Chamber of Commerce Community Champions Scott Valley Citizen of the Year Nominee Lion Jack Jones 

Past Non-Profit Members of the Past North Siskiyou Chamber of Commerce since June 2022


Clubs Members Higest Awards  & Honors: 

(Always Growing Section):

Melvin Jones Fellow Awardee, Lion Charles Lincoln, 2023

Proud Lion Awardee, Lion Zone Chair Jack Jones, 2022

LCI Appreciation Award in Recogniton for Outstanding Leadership and Dedicated Service as Club President, Lion Charles Lincoln, 2018-2019 

LCI Appreciation Award for Recognition of Exceptional Accomplishments, Lion Charles Lincoln, 2017-2018 

Club Certificate of Appreciation to Lion Charles Lincoln, 2017-2018

Club Lion of the Year, Lion Charles Lincoln, 2015-2016 

LCI Appreciation Award for Community Service Project Forman, Lion Charles Lincoln, 2011-2012

Lions of District 4C1 Health Foundation Buck Pryde Awardee, Lion Charles Lincoln

Lions of District 4C1 Health Foundation Buck Pryde Awardee, Lion Derick Girven

Club Presidential Appreciation Award, Lion Derick Girven 

Lions of District 4C1 Humanitarian Foundation Life Member Awardee, Lion Charles Lincoln 

Lions Appreciation for dedication to the clubs Gazebo Project, Lion Charles Lincoln, 2010. 

Co-Lions of the Year, 2009-2010, Lion's Derick Girven and Billy Whittaker 

41st  District 4C1 All Star Football Game Supporters, Lion Jack Jones & Lion Derick Girven. 2018-2019. 

28th District All Star Football Game Supporter, Lion Direck Girven.

Supporter of the Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Contest, Lion Jack Jones

Melvin Jones Fellow Lion Daniel "Dan" Renner, 2008

Melvin Jones Fellow Lion Chris "Corky" Gussman, 2000

Melvin Jones Fellow Lion Peter Wright, 1996

Etna Lions "I can I will I did" Awardee, Lion Charles Lincoln, 1992-1993




Club Leadership, 2023- 2024:

Elected/ Appointed Officers: 

President- Lion Jack Jones 

Immediate Past President- Lion Jack Jones 

1st Vice President- Lion Dan Renner 

2nd Vice President- Lion Dave Bradford

Secretary- Lion Corky Gussman 

Treasurer- Lion Manny Fernandez

Membership Chair- Lion Dan Renner 

LCIF Chair- Lion Corky Gussman 

Director- Lion Dave Bradford

Director- Lion George White 

Director- Lion Jim Hendricks 

Director- Lion Demetrois Iannios

Technical Support- Lion JM (Media Pages/ Website)


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