Empangeni Lions Club



Location of Empangeni

Situated in attractive hilly country side in KwaZulu, Natal South Africa, overlooking a flat coastal Plain. 90 to 150 meters above sea level with panoramic views of Richards Bay and the Indian ocean from the higher lying suburbs. The railway link between Durban and Eshowe was completed in January 1903.  Rapid expansion began when a sugar mill was erected at Felixton.  The establishment of the Empangeni Sugar Mill set the area on the road to rapid development.  Empangeni was officially proclaimed as a township on 15 January 1931 and declared a borough on 13 October 1960.

History of Empangeni Lions Club

The Empangeni Lions Club was chartered on the 1st October 1968. Charter members consisted of twenty males

H E Wilson
P Behramann
D Barnes
G S Wilde
B G Gould
M de St Pern
J Corondimas
Don Askew
Ted Bell

John Craig 
Vic Hanna
Charles Meth
Will Muller
John Pritchard
Lindsay Reed
Ralph Reid
Tommy Roberts
Leon Sacco
Doug Scales
Syd Trusler.

Since those early days, ladies have been welcomed into the club and in 2002 the club elected its first Lady President - Judi Blakeman.


Lions who have taken on the added responsibilities of President, since the inauguration of the club in 1968:

Name Year Name Year
H Wilson 1968/1969 P Behrmann 1969/1970
D Barnes 1970/1971 G Wilde 1971/1972
S Trusler 1972/1973 N Sayer 1973/1974
J Webster 1974/1975 E Patterson 1975/1976
J Webster 1976/1977 C Banting 1977
S Trusler 1978 S Trusler 1978/1979
S P  Botha 1979/1980 Peter Naude 1980/1981
Trevor Gove 1981/1982 Arnold Clarke 1982/1983
Arthur Black 1983/1984 Alistair Wilson 1984/1985
Bill Parfitt 1985/1986 Albert jSwift 1986/1987
Bill Parfitt 1987/1988 Chris Edwards 1988/1989
Lindsay Reed 1989/1990 Barry Gates 1990/1991
Neil Webster 1991/1992 Nick Grobler 1992/1993
Arnold Clarke 1993/1994 Richard Moulton 1994/1995
Gerrie Scholz 1995/1996 Nick Grobler 1996/1997
Frans Grobbelaar 1997/1998 Marius Potgieter 1998/2001
Chris De  Waal 2001/2002 Judi Blakeman 2002/2003
Judi Blakeman 2003/2004 Belinda Blakeman 2004/2005
Belinda Blakeman 2005/2006 Chris Edwards 2006/2007
Chris Edwards 2007/2008 Chris Edwards 2008/2009
Arnold Clarke 2009/2010 Arnold Clarke 2010 - Jan 2011
Chris Edwards Jan 2011 - Jun 2011 Chris Edwards 2011/2012
Chris Edwards 2012/2013 Chris Edwards 2013/2014



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