District Award- The Ramiro Collazo award:

Ramiro Collazo was our International President in Lions year 1945-1946. During his tenure as president of the International, Lionism grew extensively all over the world. He was the first Latin American to hold this high office and the only one to come from Multiple District "C"   , of the Island of Cuba.

In honor of this great figure of our past and with great pride for Lion Ramiro's accomplishments as King Lion of the world, Leones Cubanos de Elizabeth have created as of 1978, the "Ramiro Collazo Membership Award"

The Award is a gold pin , it is bestowed upon the lion who recruits the most members in Multiple District 16 during the period of July 1 through April 30th. Every year the request is made of all the districts governors to turn in the name of a lion that has excelled in bringing in members. Those names are then turned in to our membership committee who will meet and choose the winner for the most members recruited. We hope that this award will help as an incentive to our fellow lions to focus on membership and retention.  .

The Elizabeth Cubanos Lions are honored to have bestowed the Ramito Collazo Award this past year to Lion Varsha Naik. 

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