The Eden Evening Lions Club was originally chartered January 30, 1951 and known as the Draper Lions Club with eighteen members  This year the club will be celebrating it's 60th anniversary.

A major project was chosen to render help to the blind and visually handicapped and the same policy continues today.

The Draper Club became the Eden Evening Lions Club after the three towns merged to become Eden in 1967.

From the fifties through the nineties the EELC has been very active in the community with various projects:

Participation in local school events, concession at local fairs and participation in holiday carnivals.

The club distributed baskets and gifts to the blind and visually impaired.

The club paid the salary for a blind caseworker!

The club participated in mat and broom sales.

One of the most important projects was the erection of a large highway sign advertising the club.

More recent club activities include:

Creating a historical calendar that encompasses past trivia of the incorporated sections of Eden.

The club maintains and operates the concessions at the football games.

The club participates in Christmas parades by providing free hot chocolate.

The EELC participates in the "Riverfest" to promote the Lions Club, sell calendars and brooms.

The EELC participates in the VIP Fishing Tournament.

Sponsors a person to attend Camp Dogwood and helps get camp ready for campers.

Sponsors a veteran to participate in the Triad Flight of Honor.

Provides matching funds for eye examination and glasses for visually impaired indigent.

Donate to the local food bank, other local organizations that help the less fortunate.

Sponsors Vision Van

Scholarship awards to the local Community College.

Present and future goals are to adapt to the economic conditions, provide more service to the visually impaired, unfortunate in our community.  One of the most important goals is attracting public, media attention in order to encourage membership. 

We, at the Eden Evening Lions Club, are dedicated to Service and being a "Beacon of Hope Around the World"

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