Eden Prairie Lions Club 2023 Scholarship Program

The Eden Prairie Lions Club announces a change for the 2023 Scholarship Program for qualifying seniors in area high schools for the class of 2023. There will be two distinct programs: (1) 2- $1000 scholarships for seniors planning to enroll at a vocational, technical or community (2 yr) college/school; (2) 5- $2000 scholarships at universities (4 yr). There will be a total pool of $12,000 for 2023 for the two scholarship programs.

Qualifying applicants must be residents of Eden Prairie and in good standing in the senior class. Emphasis will be on volunteer service in the community/high school in alignment with the mission of the Lions. The one-time awards will be used to help pay tuition/fees, and the Lions will pay directly to the school/university of the student's enrollment.

There will be two separate applications for the two programs, and they will be available through the Career Resource Center or the senior class counselor at your high school.

The applications are also available here: for (1) vocational, technical or community (2 yr) college/school or (2) 4 yr university

Applications deadline is Friday April 7, 2023 and may be mailed to:

Lions Scholarships
c/o Glenn Andis
16580 N Manor Rd
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

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