Highlights of some of our Past Speakers during our Monday Night dinner meetings.  6:30 pm, The PUBLIC is INVITED

EPHS graduates, Todd Fultz.  His story about a heroic comeback from quite literally the very brink of death to where he is today.  You can find his story in his book, "The Year of Victories"

Reiser Relief, Ann Brau

The City of EP is at it again, so says  Money Magazine

Check out the latest video from the EP Police WWW site

  • ​A Royal Bodyguard for Queen Elizabeth and in charge of the security for Royal weddings and other social events.
  • ​"The Rocket Man"  He was a stunt double for Burt Reynolds.  Today he builds rockets and sends them off into the sky.  Holywood is working on a movie about his life.
  • ​A sitting Hennepin County Judge who shared her experiences, challenges, and vision for our state Judicial System.
  • We've heard from our City Manager, Mayor, current and past Police and Fire Chiefs, and other city officers.
  • ​A speaker about the future of the railway system in the US.  He focused on "Travel the Country on Amtrack"
  • ​One local Minneapolis resident who was a German girl during WW2, shared her experiences with us.  The good and bad.
  • ​Our own Hennepin County Sherrif, Richard Stanek.

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