We are the proud owners of 2 SPOT VS 100 Vision Screeners! We have used them successfully at screenings at MUST Ministries here in Marietta as well as various health fairs and back to school evnets. This past fall, 2018, we screened over 14,000 kids who were in the 1st, 4th, 7th,or 10th grades. Our local school systems requires an annual screening for those grade level children. We visited 49 schools out of 104 in the county and identified over 2000 children who needed further attention. We were able to provide over 200 children with a professional exam and eye wear if needed. One child had a previously undetected eye condition that threatened her vision. Our screening may have saved her eyesight!

December 25, Christmas, is a very special day to many people. But there are a few folks, especially seniors, who miss sharing the day with others. Our Lions Club assumes the responsibilty of preparing and serving warm meals to Cobb County seniors that day. We have taken over the Meals On Wheels program here for the past 36 years. We extended an invitation to our community during the past several years to be a part of our efforts and they have responded in droves. Last year, we had almost 150 folks offer to share their day with us. It is heartwarming to know the impact we have on others.

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