Christmas Tree Sales

Eatontown Lions Club's annual Christmas Tree Sales at the Monmouth Mall is a fundraiser that involves all the membership during the holiday season. Trees are fresh, reasonably priced, and strikingly beautiful.

Eyeglass Recycling Center Volunteer Work

Eatontown Lions Club volunteers visited the Regional Eyeglass Recycling Center at the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf in Ewing NJ, just outside of Trenton. 8 Lions from the ELC working with the Center's permanent Staff worked on organizing pallets of glasses and sorting individual eyeglasses into boxes for processing. The metric of 1,000 people served is an understatement of the number of usable glasses that will eventually be available to help the vision impaired in need throughout the world.

Highway 36 Cleanup

Eatontown Lions Club participates in the State of New Jersey's Adopt A Highway program by clearing litter and trash from a one mile stretch of State Highway 36 that runs East and West through our town. Cleanups are scheduled quarterly.

Eatontown Community Day

The club participates in the Eatontown Community Day event each Fall. The club fields a team of "well-seasoned" volunteers who roast and sell corn and soft drinks.

Food Pantry Support

Eatontown Lions Club provides the main manpower and management support to the Eatontown Food Pantry. Open every other Wednesday, The Food Pantry serves a minimum of 50 eligible households. Lions keep the records, stock shelves, distribute food, order food from the County Food bank, and support intake of food from donation sources and food drives. Data for this activity is posted In December and June each Lion Year.

SPOT Camera Vision Screenings for School Age Children

The vision screening committee consists of trained Lions who comprise the club’s Eye Squad.  All members of the Eye Squad are trained to use the Spot Camera to evaluate the vision of children ages 6 months to age 19 (typically only pre-school through eighth grade).   Usually in the beginning of the school year, the Squad, in conjunction with school nurses in Eatontown and the surrounding area, screens the sight of over 2,500 students. The camera can identify six different sight anomalies ranging from Astigmatism to Myopia (nearsightedness). Results are provided to the nurse and a printed copy of a report is provided to the nurse for record keeping and notification to parents if need for an appointment with an eye doctor indicated.

Pan Am Children's Holiday Party

The Pan Am Children's Holiday Party is an effort by the Eatontown Lions Club to provide holiday cheer to children and their caregivers who find themselves at the County temporary homeless shelter during the season of giving. Lions set up a party room and serve pizza, soft drinks and cookies to young residents of the shelter and their caregivers, then usher their guests into the auditorium for a magic show followed by a visit from St Nicholas.

Phil Wellington Golf Outing

The Annual Phil Wellington Golf Outing is the Eatontown Lions Club major Fundraising event. Proceeds from the outing are donated to multiple causes as well as being one of the chief sources contributing to the Club's scholarship program.

Spring Pancake Breakfast

The Spring Pancake Breakfast is a community fundraising event that is held annually. In addition to delicious pancakes, sausages, coffee and orange juice, the club provides an affordable opportunity for families to have their children take pictures with Easter Bunny.

Pancake Breakfast with Santa

The Pancake Breakfast with Santa is a community fundraising event that is held annually. In addition to delicious pancakes, sausages, coffee and orange juice, the club provides an affordable opportunity for families to have their children take pictures with Santa.

Peace Poster Contest

Eatontown Lions Club Participates in the Lions Peace Poster Contest by sponsoring a contestant from Eatontown Middle School.

Eatontown Lions Club/Camp Happiness Sandy Hook 5K Run

Eatontown Lions Club sponsors an annual 5K Road Race in beautiful Ft Hancock National Park. Proceeds from this run are donated directly to Camp Happiness Center for the Visually Impaired, located in Leonardo NJ. Besides the scenic location, the run is also known for the participation of Seeing Eye Dogs in training thanks to the local Puppy Raisers Club.

RunAPalooza Run Watering Points Support

RunAPalooza is a series of road races to support the Special Olympics and sponsored by the Jersey Shore Running Club. Eatontown Lions participate and support this cause by establishing and operating two watering points providing water and gatorade to thirsty runners.

Spring Lake 5 Mile Run Water Stop Support

The Spring Lake 5 Mile Run is held every year on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. In addition to promoting healthy living, the run generates funds that are distributed to local charitable organizations and the Spring Lake Recreation Department.  The Eatontown Lions Club participates in this event by establishing and managing the half-way watering point where the club distributes water to thirsty runners.

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