North Shore City boasts a lifestyle and environment that set it apart as a destination for homemakers, pleasure-seekers and business people. The natural advantages of a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and spectacular scenery contribute to the popularity of one of the most vibrant and fastest growing regions in New Zealand. A stable and educated workforce, meanwhile, make it a prime location for commercial and industrial development with 198,900 residents living within an area of approximately 12,979 hectares, it is the country?s fourth largest city. Surrounded by sea, the city has an unbroken 148km urban coastline - the longest in the country. Residents can enjoy an endless range of aquatic activities - or venture inland, where there are more than 400 parks and walkways through native bush reserves. This is a city where growth and development is carefully managed and protection of natural beauty and a clean environment is a prime consideration. North Shore City is made up of three wards (Northern, Central and Harbour), each ward comprising two communities. These communities include historic Birkenhead/Northcote and Devonport, with their turn-of-the-century wooden houses, and in the north, the tree-clad hills around Albany. In between are well-established and high quality residential areas, Glenfield and Takapuna, and the attractive seaside suburbs and greenfields of East Coast Bays. The city is home to high quality retail centres, attractively-designed industrial parks, leading educational institutions, world-class sports and leisure facilities, six libraries, and modern hospitals. A theatre and conference facility for North Shore City - the Bruce Mason Centre - opened in 1996. Albany is being developed into a major commercial and recreational centre over the next 20 years, and is home to the North Shore Domain, a multi-purpose entertainment, sporting and recreational facility, capable of staging important international events, with the 25,000-capacity North Harbour Stadium at its heart.


Canakkale Lions Club of MD 118, TurkeyIn recognition of the contribution of the Lions Clubs of Turkey, especially Lion Dr. Enzar Tore, in providing free web page hosting for Lions Clubs everywhere, the Lions Club of EAST COAST BAYS.  proudly displays the flag of Turkey on our site.
Click on the flag to go to the web site of Lion Dr. Enzar's home club - the Lions Club of Canakkale.

Bne Ekibin Lions of MD201, Australia

As an extension to the Turkish Lions' contribution, the Brisbane Ekibin Lions Club of MD 201 Q1 (Australia) offer assistance to Lions Clubs who want to take advantage of the Turkish Lions offer, but are not familiar with web publishing. They've already set up many sites for Lions Clubs world-wide, using Lionwap.
If your club wants to be on the internet, and would like some help, leave a message in the Ekibin Guest Book by clicking on the image above.  This is a FREE SERVICE, so you don't spend a cent for their work. As Lionwap is also FREE, this means you get a web site that you NEVER have to pay for. - Is that a deal or what?
All your Club has to do it have some-one update and maintain your page, which needs not take more than a few minutes each month. The Ekibin Lions will even give you some tips on that!


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