A brief history of the Eagle Lions Club

The Eagle Lions Club was chartered in August of 1938 with 33 members. Within two months, its membership had grown to more than 40 as more and more community leaders got involved with the Eagle service club.

Early activities reflected the interests of these community leaders. During its first year, the club helped promote and secure a mill levy for community street improvements. It also started action on zoning ordinances in Eagle. Within two more years, the Eagle Lions Club helped develop an airport landing field, securing licensing and sponsorship for a new airport. Lion Eldon Wilson was one of the citizens most responsible for the creation of what today is the Eagle County Regional Airport.

During the war years, the Lions sought the establishment of a CCC Camp at Yeoman Park, led the dedication program to erect a memorial plaque in the county courthouse to honor fallen servicemen, sponsored a collection drive for scrap iron and helped with service registration programs.

Also during the 1940s and early 1950s, the Lions started several projects that the club is still involved with more than 70 years later. The local Lions began sponsoring holiday street lighting and decorating in 1942, and began bringing Santa to town in 1947. The Lions launched Eagle's traditional 12th Night celebration back in 1953, according to club records.

Eagle Boy Scouts can thank the Eagle Lions Club for their 70 years of local operations. The club sponsored the first Boy Scout troop in the community back in 1941 and that connection is still active today.

Back in 1939, Eagle Lions Club records show the organization's first college scholarship. In fact, that $75 donation was one of the first service projects the club provided. Since that time, hundreds of Eagle Valley High School students have received club assistance to help fund their higher education.

Over the past seven decades the club has been involved in countless community projects. Here are a few examples:

•Backed the group working to build a tunnel under Loveland Pass (Eisenhower Tunnel)

• Helped establish telephone service to McCoy and Burns

• Supported street oiling efforts in the days before Eagle had paved streets

• Worked on Eagle River Valley water conservation efforts

• Purchased the community's first ambulance in 1958

•Played a pivotal role in creation of the Eagle Fire Department

• Provided funds for the Eagle Community House operation

• Purchased large-print books and a television for the Eagle Library

• Financed and built the first playground at Eagle Town Park

• Paid for numerous July 4 fireworks shows

• Planted trees around Eagle Town Park

• Financed and built the tennis court at Eagle Town Park

• Launched (and to this day has continued) organization and operation of the 9Health Fair in Eagle


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