Drumbo Lions- The First Night

The first document that was found regarding the existence of the Drumbo Lions:

Charter Night

Drumbo Lions Club

Wednesday Feruary 15 1956 at 7:00 pm

AYR Community Centre sponsored by the Woodstock Lions Club, Woodstock, Ontario.

Our Sincere Thanks

We, the members of the Drumbo Lions Club, wish to acknowledge our appreciation to the Woodstock Lions Club for their sponsorship, and helpful suggestions in getting our club started.

We extend to you, our guets, our most cordial welcome. Our deep appreciation to all who had any part in making this Charter night a success.


Tomato juice, mashed patatoes, vegtable, Turkey salads etc. Pie and ice cream.

The programme

Call to order President Maynard Harman, Woodstock

O Canada


Toast to the Queen.

Let's All Sing Lions "Russ," "Bruce," "Ron," and "Jim"

Indroductory Remarks        Chairman Maynard Harman

Introduction of Deputy District Governor Norman Wildman

Welcome to Drumbo Club   DDG Norman Wildman

Introduction of District Governor Claude Miller

Remarks and Introduction of Executive Secretary, Bruce Malcom     Governor Miller

Introduction of Head Table and Visiting Lions    Bruce Malcom

Solo                  Dinty Moore

Reeve of Blenheim Township        Henry Banbury

Let's All Sing  Lions Russ and Bruce again

Address, Presentation of Charter               Governor Claude Miller

Acceptance     President Jack Taylor

Club presentations Conducted by Executive Secretary Bruce Malcolm and Deputy District Governor Norman Wildman.

Acceptance     President Jack Taylor

Auld Lang Syne


President                      Jack Taylor

1ST Vice Chair             Lloyd Hall

2ND Vice President    Brock Lawrence

3RD Vice Prsident      Harold Butcher

Secretary                      A. B. Gillard

Treasurer                     Fred Wolff

Lion Tamer                 James Morrow

Tail Twister                 Robert Wilson



Joe Markle, Don Watters, Geo Csinos, Henry Deileman


Charter Members

Berrill Albert, E. Booker, Percy Bowman, Doanld Brooks, Greig Brown, Harold Butcher, Verne Carter, George Csinos, Al Daniel, Henry Dielman, AL Gillard, Lloyd Hall, Fred Hanke, Dan Jackson, Brock Lawrence, Joseph Markle, Jas Morrow, Richard Morrow, G Oosterhof, R.W. Peterson, Laurie Reynolds, Charles Sipple, Jack Talyor, Donald Watters, Howard Wilson, Robert Wilson, Fred Wolff, Fred Workman

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