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Lions Club of Dhaka Seba Forum


All Members                                                       

Lions Club of Seba Forum

District 315 B3, Bangladesh

Dear Lion,

It is a great pleasure that lion club of Dhaka Seba Forum has been successfully moving forward to survive and restore position in the District 315 B & Lions Clubs International. Our effort of attracting the activities of our club to District Governor and his team members has also been successfully done. We have achieved a great success to open online activities with Lions Club International and Districts. We have further stepped to go ahead by opening a web- site of our club (

We have settled-down our basic structure. Now, we would like to be vigilant in humanitarian activities. It is our intention that we are to engage our lions to new and special type of humanitarian activities to create difference with other clubs. Every lion will think, analyze and explore new activities and will share with other members and communicate to senior members of the club.

We have, by dint of  our effort, managed to increase 5 new members of our club who attendeed in the Eid-Reunion & Club meeting held on 12th September,2012 at The Entrance @ Museum Retaurant, Bijoj Sarani, Dhakla. All of them are potential lion members.

To boost up the plan & to achieve our objectives we need resources. The prime resource is Money. We are to create fund first. This fund will come from lion members of the club. According to our last meeting decision held on 12th September, 2012 every member will   donate to Club fund. In the meeting our respected Lion Mr. Farid Ahmed has declared donation amount of Tk. 50,000. I would like to request you inform your donation (any amount) by SMS or over phone either to President (Mobile: 01670801967) or Secretary (017110115120) or Chief Advisor (Mobile: 01711560438) or Treasurer (Mobile: 01713031952) by 30th November,2012.

Chatter Night celebration & Installation of members (compulsory and binding  for new Club) will be observed in the month of December,2012. Your presence is important and essential.

All members’ proactive participation and exchange of views is important factors for growth, sustainability and excellence of the club.

You are requested to do the needful in time.

Thanking you

Best Regards


(Ln. Prof. Dr. Md. Entazul Huque

President, L/C of Dhaka Seba Forum     

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