Eyes for Mexico and Peru


The Detroit Lakes Lions have been traveling to Mexico for several years to bring the gift of better sight to the underpriveledged people of Cabo and Mazatlan, working with the Lions Clubs in those cities. Every year a team travels to Cabo in January and Mazatlan in March, led by Dr. Armand and Mari Radke. In February 2017 a trip was added to Peru.


The DL Lions funded a school bus for transportation, and brought vision equipment and many boxes of eye wear to the Clubs for distribution. Collection of the glasses by all of the Minnesota clubs collect the glasses and bring them to the 5M9 Mid-Winter convention. From there the glasses are brought back to Detroit Lakes where the local club cleans and sorts the glasses. Many members are trained on the Spectrometer to measure the prescription of the lenses. They are marked and catagorized, then packaged for safe shipping to Mexico.

Dr. Chris examines eyes in Trujillo Peru.









So happy to receive her new glasses.







Club de Leones - Peru





Used Glasses Needed

Drop your used eyeglasses and hearing aids at these locations in Detroit Lakes MN

Sanford Clinic

First Security Bank

The Center of Detroit Lakes

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