Raccoon Dinner

In February of 1944, Clyde Banbury and Clyde Cornell started the first Raccoon Dinner.  It was held in Clyde Banbury's basement with 30 in attendance.  After a few years, the annual dinner was moved to the elementary building at the school cafeteria.  As the event evolved,  speakers were included as part of the program. Most notable and outstanding include former Governor of Ohio Jim Rhodes and OSU Coach Woody Hayes.  The largest attendance to the event was over 800 people. Raccoon is served as the entree coupled with a full course setting of mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, raccoon gravy, cake, and a generous serving of fresh homemade cornbread. The participants come from all over the United States and Canada to attend this famous event. 

Around the World and the State

On the regional and global stage, the Danville Lions have supported the Lions Club International programs of Sight First, Lions Clubs International Foundation, Diabetes Awareness, Eye Research, Sight and Hearing and many State and Local handicapped and sight related projects.   


For many years, the club has provided scholarships for  Danville High School graduates to further their education emphasizing service to the community.

Walk of Honor

The most recent project was to assist Patrick Crow with his Eagle Scout project to construct a Veteran’s Walk of Honor in the Danville Park.   Young Crows efforts to complete the project were successful and now the Danville Lions Club will help maintain the Walk of Honor in the future.


These projects are only a summary of the thousands of individuals helped in some way through the 73 years of service by Danville Lions members and the profound support of the Danville Community.


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