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Books for Books Scholarship Program

When the Danville Lions Club formed in 2019, one of our first priorities was to establish a scholarship program open to students who reside in Danville.  We elected to offer a book scholarship of $500 - meaning, the scholarship award is made directly to the student, and the student can then use the funds for books (or other supplies) for their continued studies.

Why do we call our program Books for Books?  We use the proceeds from used book sales to fund our scholarship program, exclusively.  When you purchase used books from the Danville Lions Club, you know that you are directly supporting our scholarship program. 

In 2020, we awarded our first scholarship to Elizabeth McIntyre and in 2021, the scholarship was awarded to Emily Bone.  With your help and support, we look forward to continuing to grow our scholarship program. Please keep an eye out for our used book sales throughout the year, and thank you!



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