SIGHT FOR KIDS VISION SCREENING PROJECT: DFLC has purchased a latest technological vision screening device called 'SPOT' . Vision screening is done free of cost to children with no insurance through Head Start schools. The goal of this project is for early detection of visual impairments in children 6 months to 6 years. In a matter of few minutes the device can detect refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and amblyopia, etc. Over 500 children were screened in 2013.

SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA for the Blind and Visually Impaired Children: It is aimed at removing barriers encountered by students with visual impairments so they can benefit from physical activity. Through this annual event, inactivity is replaced by dynamic participation in a variety of activities that encourage students to live a more active lifestyle and lead to participation in lifelong leisure, recreation and competitive sports. Aproximately 300 kids from 55 school districts participate in various sports activities which includes running, long jump, wheel chair obstacle course, shot put, discus, archery, beep baseball and others. DFLC Lions volunteer in helping the kids with various sports activities and provide assistance wherever needed in organizing and making the event a success.








LOW VISION CLINICS: Working with the Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation we provide assistance for people who cannot afford the proper visual care. LS&TF has a fully equipped Bus, which serves as a Mobile Vision Bus. Saturday Morning Eye Clinics with partnership from DISD for needy children are provided. DFLC volunteers help in the registration and assist in the eye examinations. Free Eye exam and a pair of eye glasses are provided to the needy children. DFLC also sponsors the mobile clinic as a service to the community during health fairs, etc.


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: In 2014, DFLC started a scholarship program for high school seniors, planning to enter college. The goal is to encourage high school seniors to pursue higher education and also to recognize their scholastic achievements and community involvement. In may 2014, five scholarships were given to outstanding students.

TEXAS LIONS CAMP is a summer camping facility dedicated to serving children from the State of Texas with physical disabilities and Type 1 diabetes. The camp is located on 500 acres in the hill country in Kerrville, TX. The camp offers the children with various disabilities a chance to try new activities while developing greater self esteem and independence. Children between the ages seven and sixteen can participate with qualifying physical disability. DFLC provides monetary donations and assistance when needed.

DIABETES AWARENESS In partnership with American Diabetes Association, the District 2X1 holds Day Camps twice a year for children with juvenile diabetes. As part of Diabetes awareness DFLC visits various clubs in the District to educate and build awareness of the seriousness of diabetes.


SPRING GALA: Every other year Spring Gala is held as a major fund raising event. Funds raised are donated to various charities. DFLC has donated $2500 during each charity gala to the Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation. Gala is attended by 200-300 supporters and community members.

CASINO TRIP: As part of fund raising activity a casino trip is organized annually to Choctaw casino. This is one way to bring the group together, have fun and raise funds for good causes.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: DFLC believes in having fun in whatever we do. During the Christmas season all the club members and their families come together to celebrate and share the joys of X’mas.


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