Comfort Center

The Cymbria Lions Club has recently decided, as the need arises, to open our facilities to our community members as a Comfort Centre. 

A "NEED" would be classified as major storms similar to hurricane Fiona, major snowstorms, major power outages, etc. In these circumstances, we will post on our website, Facebook page and roadside sign when we are opened.  Should anyone require this service at any time please email

Our facility, as a Comfort Centre, will have the following available:

-     A generator to provide backup electricity

-     Heat

-     Running water, washroom facilities (no showers available at this time)

-     Ability to charge your mobile devices

-     Internet access

Depending on the nature and duration of the interruption, the Club can provide the following:

-     Microwave and stove to heat/cook any food you may bring with you

-     Fridge and freezer space (limited space available)

-     A place to sleep.  Be sure to take your own air mattress and blankets/pillows

          (no cots/beds available). 

-     You may bring your own containers to get drinking water or water for flushing your toilets.

The Cymbria Lions Club also has a 4,500 watt generator that we can loan out, for 12 to 24 hour periods of use, to our community members to be used if you need temporary power to heat your home or power your fridge/freezer etc. You are responsible to pick up and return the generator full of gasoline. Email us, or contact member if you need this service.

We also have a variety of medical devices that can be made available such as:

-     Hospital bed

-     Wheelchair

-     Walkers

-     Crutches/canes 

Email us if you should require any of these medical devices.

The Cymbria Lions Club hopes that providing the service of a Comfort Centre will help our community in times of need.


Recycle Your Refundables Project

For households in our service area, the members of the Cymbria Lions Club have a "Recycle Your Refundables" project.

If you already return your refundables, that's great.  If not and you are willing to donate them to our project, we will come to your home or business and pick them up on a monthly basis.  We are able to accept pop cans and bottles, juice boxes and containers, beer cans and bottles, or any other refundables.  We will then have them sorted by our members and the local bottle exchange will do a pick up for us.  The funds created from this project will go right back to those in need in our service area.  No amount is too small!

If you are interested in helping us with this project, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

Contact Leonard Doucette at 894-9320 or Mark Willoughby at 963-3210 or email with your name, civic address and phone number (please leave a message).

Please refer to for examples of refundables.


Some of the ongoing projects we support in our service area are off island medical travel, Christmas baskets, school projects, families in need, and fire damages.  Our donations for off island medical travel is between $3,000 and $5,000 every year depending on the need.


Thank you for your support!

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