Culpeper 92 members  work with Culpeper Midday members to screen the sight and hearing of students in Culpeper schools, day cares, and preschools.   The screening takes place mostly during the months of October and November.  We use Spot Screeners and portable audiometers for these screenings. We also screen all ages at town events such as the fall Fiesta and Aging Together.

We take bingo with prizes and refreshments to the residents of The Culpeper senior home.

We assist Culpeper Midday with bingo every Sunday night at the Best Western in Culpeper.

Our members volunteer with and provide occasional meals to the free clinic in Culpeper

Culpeper '92 members assist with Manna Ministries.

Our club arranges for and assigns spaces for vendors during the Fourth of July Celebrations.

We collect used, discarded  prescription eye glasses and hearing aids for recycling..

Along with MidDay Lions, we collect empty prescription pill bottles to be used in underdeveloped countries.  
We support the Power Pack program in the local schools. 
Our club assists with Culpeper’s Soap Box Derby. 
We donate thousands of dollars each year to local nonprofits, to diabetes, vision, and hearing causes, 
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