The Lions club of Couva received its charter on 15th June, 1990 with twenty five (25) members by the District Governor, Lion Martin Pacheco.  The Guiding Lion was Lion Edward Weston of the Lions Club of Trinidad Central


The sponsoring club is the Lions Club of Trinidad Central.


The Board of Directors were:

President                            -              Lion Malcolm Mc Garnon (deceased)

First Vice President           -              Lion Harold Rampersad (deceased)

Second Vice President     -              Lion Carl Nurse (deceased)

Third Vice President         -              Lion Charles Mc Lean (deceased)

Secretary                            -              Lion Vernon Wharton (deceased)

Treasurer                            -              Lion Ferdinand Rajaram

Tamer                                 -              Lion Deonarine Gokool

Tail Twister                        -              Lion Paul Mc Kenzie

One (1) Year Directors     -              Lion Victor Camacho

                                                            Lion Raymond Juarawan

Two (2) Year Directors    -              Lion Davichand Seemungal

                                                            Lion George Mouttet


The Club’s meeting were held in the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Couva Junior Secondary School, Balisier Street, Couva, then moved to the Colonial Life Insurance Company Office at Southern Main Road, Couva.  Club meetings are presently held at the Couva South Government Primary School, at Lisas Boulevard, Lisas Gardens, Couva

Regular Club Meetings are held on first and third Wednesday each month at 6:00 p.m. and Board of Directors’ Meeting on the second Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

1992, the sod was turned by Senator Dr. Linda Baboolal, then Minister of Social Services, for the construction of an additional housing unit for the Senior Citizens’ Home, Couva, at Grant Street Extension, Couva.


1993 an annual Sport Camp for Primary School students between the ages of eight (8) and twelve (12) years old, was launched and continues annually.


1994 The Senior Citizens’ Home additional unit was completed at a cost of $90,000.00 with assistance from the National Self Help Commission, the Indian Trust Fund, the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, the business community of Couva, the Corporate Citizens of Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Couva.  Senator, Linda Baboolal, then Minister of Social Services, cut the ribbon to formally open the home which was built to accommodate four (4) senior citizens.

1995 a Bus Shelter was constructed at Phoenix Park Junction, with assistance from Doc’s Engineering Limited of Phoenix Park Junction.


1996 Trees were planted at the Recreation Grounds, Lisas Garden Couva and flower plants on the grounds of the Couva Community Centre, Balisier Avenue Couva as an environmental project.


1997 a Beautification Project was done at the Public Car Park, Couva, where plants were planted in concrete cylinders and is being maintained by the club.


2004 Park Benches and swings were installed at the Mary Street, Children’s Play Park in Lisas Gardens Couva.

During the past years, the club assisted several needy persons in the community, mainly senior citizens and children in obtaining eye glasses and having surgery done locally and abroad.  Wheel chairs have been donated.  Health Fairs continues in the schools for vision and hearing in the community for vision, hearing, diabetes, and cholesterol jointly with the Lions Club of San Fernando and sponsorship from Arcelor Mittal.


1999 Lion Harold Rampersad (deceased) was awarded the two (2) chevron awards for being a Lion member for fifteen (15) years


2000 The Lion Key Awards were awarded to Lion Baliram Swaratsingh (deceased) Lion Herman Reyes, Lion John Nathaniel and Lion Lennox Cave for sponsoring new members.


February 2001 The Lions Club of Couva twinned with the Lions Club of Barquisimeto East, Venezuela, and signed an agreement for a student exchange programme, whereby students from Venezuela will come to Trinidad to learn to speak English and students from Trinidad will proceed to Venezuela to learn to speak Spanish. 

To date ten (1) Venezuelan students benefitted from the programme.  They were provided accommodation, meals and local transportation by club members.


Over the period 14th – 20th September 2002, the President, Vice President, Lion Tamer, member from the Lions Club of Tunapuna and the brother of a member visited the Lions Club of Barquisimeto East, Barquisimeto, Venezuela and were house guests to the Venezuelan Lions Clubs members.


On 19th September, 2002, while visiting Venezuela, the following clubs of District E-2 signed charter to be part of the twining between the Lions Club of Barquisimeto Central East:

Barquisimeto Central

Barquisimeto Yacambu                                                Barquisimeto 200

Teodoro Mendez                                                           Barquisimeto Crepuscular

San Felipe-Central                                                         San Felipe - Yurubi

Cabudare                                                                         Chivacoa

German Prado Gomez                                                  Carora

From 26th February to 5th March 2003 eight (8) members from six clubs from Venezuela and one guest, who was their interpreter visited Trinidad to witness our Carnival.  They were house guests of members of the Lions Club of Couva.


March 2003, the Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago leased an unoccupied Building #11 Camden Road, Couva to be shared among the Lions Club of Couva, the Couva District Scouts Council and the Police Youth Club, Couva Branch.  The building was demolished in September 2008 and the perimeter fence was constructed by the Engineering Corps of the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force, who will be providing the labor for the project, which is being financed by the National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited, National Self Help Commission and the National Sports Company through the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs.

Construction of the building commenced in April, 2009 and is continuing.


2005 Two (20 chevron awards were presented to Lion Baliram Swaratsingh, Lion John Nathaniel and Lion Herman Reyes for their services as Lion members for fifteen (15) continuous years.  The following members were awarded one (1) chevron award for their continuous service for more than ten (10) years: Lion Lennox Cave, Lion Ramesh Rampersad, Lion Stanley Mc Leod, Lion Owen Clifton, Lion Dominic Gonzalez, Lion Roy Alleyne, Lion Cynthia Belgrove, Lion Neverson Davis and Lion Clyde Scott.


2006 Lion Roy Alleyne received the two (2) Key Award for sponsoring two (2) new members


2006 Lion Pamela Williams-Delpesh served as Zone Chairperson for Zone 4B, for the fiscal year 2006 – 2007 and received the President’s Award for the fiscal year 2005 – 2006.


2007 Lion Pamela Williams-Delpesh was appointed Region Chairperson for Region 4, District 60A, for the fiscal year 2007 – 2008.


2007 Lion Owen Clifton and Lion Annette Alleyne received the two (2) member Key Award for sponsoring new members in 2006.


2008 Lion Annette Alleyne and Lion Lennox Cave received Key Awards for sponsoring five (5) and three (3) new members respectively in the fiscal year 2007-2008.


2008 Lion Pamela Williams-Delpesh became the club’s first Melvin Jones Fellow.


2010 the club bestowed the Melvin Jones Fellowship to one of its chartered members Lion Herman Reyes.


2011 the club bestowed the Melvin Jones Fellowship on two of its members. Chartered member Lion John Nathaniel and long standing member Lion Stanley Mc Leod.

2012 the club bestowed the Melvin Jones Fellowship on one of its long standing members, Lion Roy Alleyne.

2015 Lion Gilbert Agard served as Zone Chairperson for Zone 4B for two fiscal 

years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.


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