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Charter Members

N. Boileau, E.G. Bryan, A. Carisse, J.A. Chevrier, Dr. E.J. Courville, R. Forget, N.T. Gault, C. Girard, A. Lalonde, G. Lapin, A. Lavigne, F. Lefevbre, C. Lann, A. Marleau, L.J. O'Dair, H. Page, A. Pare, R Parent, A. Poirier, Dr. EJ. Rouleau, U. Rouleau, G.W. Whaw, C. E. Thessereault.  Our club was founded by these gentlemen who set the standards that we strive to maintain.  Your deeds and accomplishments live on.

In 1940 the Morrisburg/Waddington Lions Club sponsored the Cornwall Lions Club.  Our charter was received on March 19, 1940 and this site is dedicated to our charter members who set the very high standard of service that our current members strive to maintain.   Our first President was  Lion Fred Lefevbre, Our first Secretary was Lion Aime Pare and our First Treasurer was Lion Larry O'Dair. The Charter Roster indicates we were organized by Lion B.M. Malcolm.  We are proud to say that the Grandson of our first President, Lion Paul Lefevbre continues the family tradition and is a valued member of the Cornwall Lions Club having served in many capacities.


Robert Belanger, Ian Brodie, Johnathon Gordon, Roger Lalonde Garry Smith, George Assaly, James Baird. Stuart Gordon, Ted Langstaff

PRESIDENTS 1940-2014

Fred Lefebvre 1940-43, Albert Lavigne 1943-44, William Maden 1944-45, EJ Courville 1945-46, Chas Girard 1946-47, Roy McManara 1947-48, Bill Parisien 1948-49, Ralph Ross 1949-50, J E Rioux 1950-51, Clement D Parisien 1951-52, Russell Taylor 1952-53, Archie Lavigne 1953-54, Albert Belanger 1954-55, George Chistoff 1955-56, Nick Kaneb 1956-57, Albert Martin 1957-58, Kenneth E Minard 1958-59, Joseph P Assaly 1959-60, Fern Derouin 1960-61, Nes Abraham 1961-62, Harold Smith 1962-63, Earl Dagenais 1963-64, Hubert Cameron 1964-65, Michael R Salhany 1965-66, George Assaly 1966-67, Gerald F Grady 1967-68, Joseph Tothfaluse 1968-69, Douglas Webster 1969-70, Earnost Paquette 1970-71, Byron Gordon 1971-72, Len Garvin 1972-73, Robert McDonell 1973-74, Robert Belanger  1974-75, Mario Bruni 1975-76, Fred Esper 1976-77, Gilbert Henderson 1977-78, Doug Hall 1979-80, Harry Farr 1980-81, Ronald Killoran 1981-82, Garry Smith 1982-83, Doug Gordon 1983-84, Gary Bloedow 1984-85, Helmut Kolbinder 1985-86, Roger Lalonde 1986-87, John Proulx 1987-88, John Gordon 1988-89, Bill Parisien 1989-90, Michael Davidson 1990-91, Ian Brodie 1991-92, Bob Dulmage 1992-93, Bill Bray 1993-94, Peter Szweck 1994-95, Chris Fry 1995-96, Ted Langstaff 1996-97, Wayne Blackman 1997-98, Gary Freeman 1998-99, Alain Racine 1999-2000, Gary Douglas 2000-01, Paul Lefebvre 2001-02, Stuart Gordon 2002-03,Daryl Adams 2003-04, Dale Stanley 2004-05, Chad Maxwell 2005-06, Michel Lapierre 2006-07, Marcel Lapierre 2007-08, Roger Lalonde 2008-09, Ron Eamer 2009-10,, David Murphy2010-12, Bernie Brunette Jr. 2012-14.David Brodie 2014-16






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