Our continuous Projects.

The Lions Vocational Training Centre

The Lions Vocational Training Centre situated at No. 45 Hekitta Road Hendala Sri Lanka, Provides school leaver’s who have the ability to learn but who lack financial support to pursue higher studies. They have the opportunity to venture out into two major study areas. 1st Is Computer Information Technology and 2nd is Hair and Beauty Culture.

Both these courses are very much in demand and students passing out also have a very good opportunity of gaining employment. Of course some of the more talented ones, especially in the Hair and Beauty culture sector venture out on their own, starting their own salons. 

The teachers or instructors who train the students are qualified personnel recruited by the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka. The Vocational Training Centre is well accredited by the Vocational Training Authority by being recognized as NVQ 4 Level training Centre.  The centre was established in1995 and is in its 23rd year. 

Our Pre schools:

We have three preschools being run and maintained by the club. The fourth one was initiated on a different basis.  

For calculation sake about 120 children are provided their initial schooling skills at these preschools every year.  

Our Club was extended in 1983 (35 years ago) and in 1984 the first preschool was inaugurated at the Purana Viharaya Temple in Hendala, which it is today in its 34th year and functioning very well.   

The 2nd is now being run at the VTC is in its 18th year. This school was started at the Hekitta temple but as the temple needed space for its development, we have had to move it over here to the VTC till we are able to find a more suitable environment.

And the 3rd is at Avarakotuwa Sri Sudarshana Viharaya, Avarakotuwa established in 2001 now in its 17th year.

The fourth school as mentioned, was initiated by the club in 2007, now in its 11th year. We made a substantial contribution towards construction of the building. This school  is situated in a Temple at Galaudapita  situated about 10km away from our Club House. It is run by the Temple itself. The club supports this school as and when request are received, considering the cost involved.

The three schools run by us have two Teachers in each school working with the children. The teachers’ salaries are paid by the Club.

The Lions Sight First Hospital

The Lions Sight First Hospital is a District Project managed by the Lions Club of Hendala.

The Sight First Hospital inaugurated in 2005 (In its13th year) with the assistance of the Lions Clubs International Foundation. The Hospital continues to provide its services to the needy and other patients. The management is handled by Lion Dr Malcom Stanislaus as Chairman, PCC Mohan de Silva as Vice Chairman and supported by the Board of Trustees.

Alleviation of Hunger 

Another project initiated this year is providing a meal (Alleviation of Hunger) on a monthly basis to the  Nayakakanda Convent. This project will also be done on a continuous basis. The project was organized and sponsored through the Club, by Club President 2018/2019 Lion Dinali Karunaratne and her Family members.

Medical Camp

We also conducted our first Medical Camp on the 2nd of September at Ashokaramaya Temple Balagala. This was organized together with the Hendala Balagala Deepaloka Welfare Association. It was a great success being visited by more than 200 persons. The clinics were patronized by the public as follows.

Diabetes Screening (Blood Sugar Testing)      51

General Health                                               202

Eye Screening                                                141

Spectacles donated                                        125

Cataract Operations Patients identified            22

17 Club members and 04 nonmembers participated and helped us in various ways.

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