Can You Spare A Day in Your Life to Lower Your Risk of Developing Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Vision Loss?

With the New Year upon us, resolutions abound. Perhaps one should be preventing Diabetes. Did you know you’re at risk for developing prediabetes if you:

  • Are overweight
  • Are 45 years or older
  • Have a parent, brother, or sister with type 2 diabetes 
  • Are physically active less than 3 times a week
  • Have ever had gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) or given birth to a baby who weighed more than 9 pounds
  • Are African American, Hispanic/Latino American, American Indian, or Alaska Native (some Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans are also at higher risk)

You can prevent or reverse prediabetes with simple, proven lifestyle changes such as losing weight if you’re overweight, eating healthier, and getting regular physical activity.

PREVENT T2, a class designed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, will be available free for Vermonters who may be at risk for developing Type II Diabetes. The program, delivered via Zoom, is scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 4th* It includes one-on-one instruction and exercises. Meeting duration is 1 hour and meets three to four times per month February through May, twice-monthly June to drop July, then monthly through February 2002. So, by participating for just 24 hours … a day of your life … you may save your life!

Participants support each other to lower A1C and prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, possible comorbidity complications of Type II Diabetes.

The class is led by certified diabetes prevention educator and ACE-CERTIFIED Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach Andrea Malinowski in cooperation with the Vermont Blueprint for Health and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center.

"I work with participants to develop and implement strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle through simple, moderate changes," Malinowski said. "I'm excited to be involved with this program and build on its success. Join me for The Health of It!"

Participants will enjoy guest speakers on topics such as nutrition, healthy cooking, physical activity, stress reduction, and more.

Participants may register online at Participants may also contact Kathi Dockum at 802-440-4098 or Kathy. with questions and to register.

* If classes on Thursday, 5:30 pm do not fit your schedule check for classes on other days and starting on other date.

The Vermont Lions are excited to spread the word about this program as Diabetes Awareness and Vision are two of our key initiatives. We know that there is a correlation between diabetes and vision issues, and as Helen Keller's "Knights of the Blind", Lions are happy to be part of spreading the word about this important program. Remember, it's free to Vermonters!

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